Forest Road


As you surf around, you will find digital and traditional artworks and my walk with God so far.  Have a look! Thank you for your visit and time.

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Life with God!—Album


Rough Waters—Album


THE PASSION—Laid down love

Our Lady of the Harvest_edited.jpg

This is Our Mama— Album

ALL ARMORS__ed.jpg

Weapons & Armor—Album

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Short Webtoon Stories

Clouds Theme Room

"Together is better than alone." 

— Jesus.

Purple Skies

“The hardest battle you will face are not the outer events and situations, it will be the battle with yourself!”


— Dad.

Lone Walk

"Oh you’ve got to be kidding me…...?! Without a ticket—my only debit card was stuck—in a strange airport—alone on my own….perfect!”

—My story, part 2

Relaxing in Nature

Life with the Lord,

As one goes on this path with Him,

there are things worth writing down.


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