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This place is simple, not at all on prophecies, big movements, or events. It's a small spot of my walk with God, honestly sharing its inner and outer battles, its joys and comforts, and coming to know Him truly: His character, His unexplainable yet so strong love. As well as the blessing of learning to recognize His voice, therefore, many messages and dialogues arise.


I'm Sister Therese, and these are our journeys and daily life; petals blowing from Jesus' hands — a symbol of blessings, joys, growth, love, virtue, hope, sacrifice, etc — from Heaven on Earth for many to taste and feel the delicacy of the King's heart. With each drawing made, with each message and lesson shared, it is to serve you to know the Lover of your Soul.


TheresianPetals is a shoot from Heartdwellers mother tree, also know as Still Small Voice.



My name was given after her. I am a part of the Third Order Franciscan Oblates of Mount Carmel, and My community is Heartdwellers. For us in the Heartdwellers, Saint Therese of Lisieux is one of the core saints watching over us and her Little Way is perfect for us little people. 


Her ways and roses interestingly appealed to me, and recalling her words, "I will send down a rain of roses from Heaven," it marked me in wonderment as I, myself, thought how my drawings I had defined previously as petals from Heaven. Therefore, having her name, she is my one my guardian saints, and we have some similar ideas—it's as teamwork loosing petals from heaven for the edification and comfort of souls on earth! Mine are of drawings and messages, my path with the Lord, with her Little Way. She comes in as encouragement and a blessed mother and sister in Christ in some of the dialogues and messages received.


Also known as "Still Small Voice", where all gather together from many tongues to form a place of refuge for the Heart of God. Which, in turn, we ourselves Dwell in His Heart: Heartdwellers, hearing His still small voice. 

Among the Evangelicals, Protestants, Non-denominationals, Catholics, and Orthodox, Heartdwellers has found that the common driving ethic that unites us together in active ministry, is our deep love for Jesus and the salvation of souls. Heartdwellers has stepped outside denominational/non-denominational walls to enter into the folds of His Heart, into a place where His love and a burning desire to do His will have dissolved the walls that once divided us and they are clearly spelled out in the now more than 1000 messages Jesus has given to Heartdwellers over the past years available at, and also at,


The Heartdwellers have Western Rite Russian Orthodox roots and follow the teachings of the Early Church as they are led and taught by God just as the Apostles were in John 6:45. The shepherds being Archbishop Anthanasias and Mother Clare who have been in ministry over 30 years and founded Heartdwellers. An International ministry which have brought Christians from all different denominations around the world together under one common cause; the love of Jesus! The Lord wants us to bring unity in the Body of Christ, as He repairs the division that has torn His Body apart through His messages and scriptural teachings to the Heartdwellers.


Inspired not only by Saint Therese and myself but also by Maria Theresia garden rose. One deeply beautiful pink flower, ruffled and featuring a lovely garden rose scent. Its abundant petals amaze me.


Simple. Imagine Jesus blowing flower petals from His hands—which symbolize [in my world] tokens of joyful delights in Heaven—blowing them lovingly on earth so souls would encounter and know their King's delicate heart and gentle being: a Lover of Their Soul.

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