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Hello, dear ones, I hope you have enjoyed the previous message on leadership. The following message, this one, is a follow-up to that message, which we believe will be really another plus teaching for you, husbands and wives. This is a teaching that I found one day through the Holy Spirit's leading of how a priest shares three ways Satan divides husbands and wives. So here it is...

During an exorcism, Satan admitted he hates it when a husband and wife love each other. Father Ambrogio Villa, a priest, and exorcist of the Diocese of Milan [discusses] what specific temptations Satan uses to attack married couples.

1. Sin - Indeed, the first way, the most important way by which Satan divides families is through sin," Father Vila says. How does Satan attack married couples? Father Vila lists three ways that Satan divides families. Through sins of omission and commission, by distracting us from prayer, by exaggerating our individualism, and by twisting the way we live our sexuality, the article says. And it continues, Satan divides the families first of all by disowning us from prayer, especially family prayer. Many families no longer pray together, as was common in the past. For example, it used to be quite common for families to pray the Rosary together. Today, that tradition is fading, Father Vila explains.

2. The Exaltation of Individualism - The devil's second attack on the family is the exaltation of individualism. Satan fosters this attitude in several ways. For example, he foments arguments in which husbands and wives speak harsh, hurtful words to each other; by making each of the spouses think that they can make decisions about their finances without any input from the other; and by encouraging them to fiercely defend their own rights without consideration of those [the rights] of the other. Satan so exalts and exasperates individualism [to the point] that it leads to the destruction of the family, Father Villa says. Individualism ruins the family, which is an institution that lives on an exchange of love.

3.  Uncontrolled or Inhibited Sexuality - Father Villa explains that Satan divides spouses by unbalancing their sexuality—by either encouraging excesses and transgressions, (including pornography or cheating) or—by the opposite, suppressing their sexual relationship altogether. Indeed, many times, he says, the evil one enters families by tricking the spouses into denying each other the exercise of their sexuality. A family doesn't unravel, first of all, because of sexuality—because sexuality is not the first thing. However, it isn't the last thing either.

Father Villa says, Satan divides spouses in everything, but especially in bed. This is biblical. If you know the story of Tobias, the demon Asmodeus, a demon of impurity, prevented Sarah from having a conjugal union with her husbands.

The Church considers the sexual act so important that it is constructive to the sacrament of marriage.

Satan speaks during an exorcism.

At the end of his catechesis, Father Villa shared a powerful anecdote he had read from an author, exorcist Monsignor Sante Babolin was his name, which says, “During an exorcism of a woman who was prevented from uniting sexually with her husband, he asks the devil, ‘Why are we preventing this woman from leaving the sacrament of marriage?’ And he gave him a breathtaking answer, ‘I hate it when husband and wife love each other’, the devil said”.

My dear beloved ones, I hope this extra teaching on marriage between husband and wife and how the devil divides, is very encouraging to you and very insightful. And that the Lord will keep you and bless you; that you will put this into practice, and that He will guard your marriage, your soul, and that of your spouse.

You can say, the golden rule of it all is like the Lord said, Love God first with all of your being. And then love your neighbor. Love your spouse who is next to you.

Love your spouse for he is, or she is, your own soul—One flesh. Probably you have seen it before how it is said that in order for a marriage to last, it takes not two but three for it to stand and endure. First, you have God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit. Then you have the husband and the wife. It is like a triangle. It cannot be separated. So, all marriages that are focused on God's will—will stand. They will grow, they will flourish, and they will gain wisdom as long as they stay focused on the Lord and keep on loving each other through everything.


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