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Empty House | Seven Demons More Coming Back

The Lord’s Supper Gospel Readings:

Dialogue and insights with Father Juniper and Sister Therese

Fr. Juniper: I can make this whole story short: if we just are NOT 100% with Jesus – this is our armor and we will be strong through Him and nobody can overcome us.

When an unclean spirit is out, he comes back and brings seven others with him. What does it mean, and in what context does it mean?

That means when you really get healed from the Lord Jesus Christ, and you do not confess your sins, and also admit Him that He is the Lord, there will be no chance anymore. You will go down.

If you do not obey the Lord, if you go back to your old ways, it is over.

If I were to go back to my wicked ways, they would find a clean home, and it would be really worse! I don’t want to go back anyway, but the point is, is WAS going back! The Lord was always helping me — before when you are not really with the Lord, and it is getting worse. When you are not with the Lord, it is getting worse!

You know, you say, “Oh Lord, help me!” then He helps you and suddenly everything is fine, then you forget about the Lord, go wandering in the world and everything is back, then suddenly POOF-CHACK-BOOM you find yourself in the same problem, where you always are. All this will repeat itself.

So if we were to go back to our old ways, it’s over. But you would have to force yourself to go back anyway, or—I don’t know another context. Maybe what do you think? 

Sr. Therese: It’s similar to yours. The thing that came to mind was, “How were they able to come inside this house?” This devil and seven more, right? So, they were able to move into the house. What does it mean? There was nobody strong in the house to keep them out! So it was an uninhabited [house]. If the Holy Spirit is there, they have no chance!

Fr. Juniper: No way, yeah…

Sr. Therese: So it means that the soul, even though it got healed as you said; if you don’t pursue Jesus 100% and have this firm foundation, and you [instead] play around with temptation and give in when they come… finito.

Well, finito in a way to say. 

Fr. Juniper: No, but it’s true!

Sr. Therese: So it’s like the strong man. The Strong Man is in the house— Jesus is the strongest, God is the strongest, no devil can overcome Him. 

Fr. Juniper: When He is invited; when He keeps living in us, and also if we maintain that He keeps living in us—we have to maintain this fundament… 

Sr. Therese: One of the things that I remember is, umm, I wasn’t……—maybe there were not seven devils coming after me now, but I felt this attack that I had — this we had, the misunderstanding and the fight when you were really angry — I felt it was stronger than before! These attacks. So, this, whatever they came with, was stronger than in the past. It’s as if each time they come stronger and stronger, sometimes desperate to bring you down…

But the Lord was protecting me anyway, so it wasn’t really… But I felt they were really in for taking by force if something.

So, if you are weak and yield, go by your own self-will and don’t listen to the Lord, they’re gonna bring you down.

Fr. Juniper: That’s why you have to bring this to the Lord! Really special. And ask the Lord, “Tell me now, Lord,” and every day, you know, “what should I do?” If you also make the decision, you have to first make the true decision internally, “I don’t want this anymore!”

But they WILL come after you! They will come. That’s always a good sign that they come after us, right. They are coming back if you like it or not.

There is only one choice, and this is being with the Lord Jesus Christ and keeping the Sacraments. This is very important! Keeping the Sacraments, the Holy Sacraments! Very important! You MAINTAIN this house!

Sr. Therese: Yes! Clean!

Fr. Juniper: Yes...! You have to do something. The Holy Sacraments. If you do, if you go to the Holy Mass, you receive the Lord; if you keep your prayers; go to confession… — everything is fine.  


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