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Lies and Truth about Mary

The Lord’s Supper Gospel Readings:

Insights from Father Juniper and Mother Therese


Father Juniper: This is scripture…[clap] and that's the Mother of God!


So how can people not think that Mother of God, that she was a normal woman like everybody — she was conceiving through the Holy Spirit! Nobody conceived through the Holy Spirit! Nobody on the whole, whole, whole universal actions, nobody did! She is the only one who conceived with the Holy Spirit. That's why she is now Queen of Heaven and Earth.


So simple, isn't it?


And I wanna really talk to this domination when I really was into these errors of what they’re teaching, that Mother is just a normal lady and she bore and you know, she was not—you know, she wasn't a virgin. As in, did not kept her virginity.


So this is really scriptural stuff! This is really an announcement: This is the holiest of Mothers! This is the Rosary! This is all inside there.


And I was raised also from this kind of, you know: Mary was, she was a mother, you know, she was a woman, that's it! Right?


…What a lie.


When I read this right now, I said, “What a lie!”


How could I be so stupid? I was believing this too! …I believed this because I was not studying this, I just was going with these opinions of man. I never read it, really, free from my heart. Because, yeah, you just were blinded. I was blinded!


I totally went blinded by this devil stuff that is going there on in every church that teaches this error: that she is not powerful! I mean, without Mother Mary, I wouldn't be sitting here being a priest, and all my messed-up life, who I am — if she would not pray for me and intercede for me…


There was this really a nice, wonderful, beautiful lady. And this lady, one time, when I was on my way to work, she was asking me if I am a Maria-idolatry man…


I said, “No. No, I'm not…” because I'm not... Wrong question asked!


They just don't get it, that we just love her, that she's the Queen of Heaven and our Mother.


How many are blinded, right?

How stupid can you be when you read it?


I also did not read it. You just go for it, you just think, “Okay, they said it too!”

And so is it with all this deception from whatever who planned in us the deception, right?


And the Rosary is powerful, that's it for sure!


The Rosary protects us now. We're doing this together, Mother Therese [and me]. We are totally aware, this what we do, if we would not be praying the Rosary, it would be really a mess—a big mess. How do we know? Because inside the Spirit tells this.


The angel is coming there [to Mary], and this is the prayer—this is the Rosary! There’s all inside.


Mother Therese: By the Holy Spirit will one understand… She said, “All generations will call me blessed!” — she said it — it's scripture! Everything, with the Holy Spirit, you get it! Completely, when you want to know, you will know it…


We call her blessed…!


Father Juniper: “Blessed are you amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus,”  that's true, all who pray the Rosary call her blessed, and we proclaim this continually! No wonder the devil hates her so much. This must be so bad— especially when she’s a woman! (Mamma mia, you know!) Truly humble, servant, woman—totally opposite of Eve's style— this is the creation of the Lord!


Mother Therese: I saw the serpent on the planet Earth the other day, and I was examining it:


The serpent got Eve, and through Eve got the whole planet Earth.

The serpent, right? Kind of like messing it up.


Father Juniper: It's true.


Mother Therese: Now comes Mother Mary and she crushes the serpent on the planet Earth—so she’s really crushing Satan on this planet Earth!


So, she's saying, “That's it, Satan!” I mean, “You got Eve! But me—through my Jesus, my God—you're gonna be crushed! I crush you now, and I crush you even on the planet Earth, and that's it for you!”


Father Juniper: And she's in authority, she is up there! Between this, nothing can come in between.


Mother Therese: So, in a sense, it's like, Satan used the woman to destroy—God uses the woman to restore.


Father Juniper: Yeah.


Mother Therese: See? So, it's a reversal for the better now.


Father Juniper: This is absolutely right! [Chuckles] …Oh yeah! That what she [Eve] destroyed, she [Mary] is building a million times opposite. This is not like she [Mary] built up what she [Eve] destroyed… She built it up to victory for the glory of God!




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