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WARNING, Lord Jesus' Words to Shepherds and Leaders of the Church

Three times the Lord asked Simon Peter, "Do you love Me?" and he replied, "Yes, Lord, I do! You know that I love You." And the Lord commanded him, "Feed My lambs!"

We are given an example of how the Apostles and the leaders of old when Paul addresses in his letter:

Brothers and sisters: We drew courage through our God to speak to you the Gospel of God with much struggle. Our exhortation was not from delusion or impure motives, nor did it work through deception. But as we were judged worthy by God to be entrusted with the Gospel, that is how we speak, not as trying to please men, but rather God, who judges our hearts.

Nor, indeed, did we ever appear with flattering speech, as you know, or with a pretext for greed—God is witness—nor did we seek praise from men, either from you or from others, although we were able to impose our weight as Apostles of Christ.

Rather, we were gentle among you, as a nursing mother cares for her children. With such affection for you, we were determined to share with you not only the Gospel of God, but our very selves as well, so dearly beloved had you become to us.” 1 Thessalonians 2

This was the Gospel and the Readings of the Lord's Supper on the feast day of Pope Pius X.

On the homily, we were presented: Are the leaders of now doing this by example? Are they feeding the sheep or are they taking away the food they need? This food the true teachings of Christ and His Apostles? Are the leaders of now faithfully following the teachings of Christ and His Apostles, by the example they gave? Or are they teaching something else and robbing the true food from the mouth of the sheep? Are they true shepherds or are they leading astray?

One has only to look at the example of the Apostles! One has to look at the TRUE Good Shepherd! Also as the Lord mentions:

My sheep know Me!”

So you are questioned: Do you know Him?

If you know Him, you recognize His teachings, you recognize if a shepherd is true or false by his leading the flock. If you know the True Good Shepherd, you will know the false leaders by the way they teach, by the way they lead, and with what they feed the flock.

. . . . .

Jesus began speaking,

“The sheep are not their own, they are Mine by the blood ransomed and shed for them. The sheep and the flock belong not to you, My people. They belong to Me, and I have appointed and assigned you to take care of them and feed them with My food. FEED THEM MY FOOD! My food, My words, My body and Blood, My teachings and sacraments! My food.

“If you steel My food away from them, what use are you to Me for the care of the flock? You who rather lead astray the beloved of My heart, a price so dear I paid to ransom and redeem them to Myself! You who teach error and lead souls to perdition. You do not love Me, for you show it by your actions! Your heart is not for Me, but for the World and what it offers you. You are not for the flock, you are for yourselves.

“Yet I know My own. Even within the boundaries of the reprobate, I can see whose heart is for Me and who is against Me. I know each heart, and woe to the ones who have deprived My flock of their true God-given food, straight from My hand! Woe to them who will not repent and die in this state, losing their souls and many dragged down with them….

“My people…. Teach Me to the souls who are deluded and not know right from wrong. Show this to them by actions, words are secondary, teach first by action, for your actions speak first. Words can be doubled if insincere, show yourself My faithful ones and teach true where there is false. Bear with Me the lashes against you by those who do not accept nor understand My words. Bear with Me… for these times are heavy of oppression and souls do not know what they do.

“You who know Me, you will have My peace reign over you when faced with such struggles from your fellow men. Bear with Me and carry on, for little by little souls are brought back home!

“The sheep who know Me not…. You will not know Me, you will not therefore be able to distinguish My truth from error, for you do not seek to know Me. You seek not the true Shepherd of your soul but are led astray by those so-called leaders of the church, but who in fact teach you errors contrary to My teachings and way I thought! Oh My loves…. When will you come to know Me? Aside from Me there is no finding of truth of yourselves, if you reject Me, you reject yourselves too, for I know you, I know whom I made you to be, what you are meant to do, I know the way I have for you, I know your soul, you character, your mission on earth…. And only by knowing Me will you know yourself. Aside from Me… you are lost in the multitude. You wonder from ground to ground, meaningless in sight, wondrous in identity…

“Where can you find life? Will you find it in this decaying rotten stricken world and its pleasures? What growth has it brought to you but more demoralizing prospects of life and imaginable freedoms to sin? You call that life? That is a loss of life, for life is not death, all these bring you death. Death to your innermost being and death in the end in this world. [eternal death at the end].

“My leaders, shepherds of the flock I entrusted to you…. You who teach error contrary to My teachings that I have established…. Repent! Every soul will be asked an accounting for before My sight when you meet Me. If you thought My true ways, blessed are you, for many came to know Me and be saved forever by My side with Me. But if you buy and teach error, damned is your soul. I love you, but I do not love wickedness in My sight, wickedness taught to souls I paid by blood to redeem them! If you enjoy error and wicked teachings of old, taught by evil spirit and fallen angels… sad will be the end for you. For you will reap what you sow, and you will experience the results of your harvest.

“Teach My ways, My truth! Stand against the Serpent, do not sell yourself to a rotten fallen decaying angel who lost everything. The same lot is for all who follow him.

“But for you, the gift to repentance is present as long as you are alive and dwell on earth, for once you depart from earth, you will stand face to face with Me and give an accounting of your life on earth. Based on your results, your [eternal] fate will be decided.

“Come back and do not fear to stand for the truth! Do not fear the Beast of these times, what can he do to you or your soul? If I am your TRUE Shepherd…. “FEED MY LAMBS!” “Take care of them! Follow after Me!”

Jesus concluded.


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