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Tribulation Dreams – Facing Beasts and Demons (2/2)

—From January 30, 2021—

The enemies held in their possession some types of cars with energy bazookas attached to them, aiming toward children lined up on a double thick silver rotating door.

These stairs were standing and rotated like those hotel doors, but it was of thick silver iron, no glass, no nothing, and the children climbed up on them.

Many of the kids were stationed in the back part, leaving the front part empty. When those bazookas fired their killing energy blows, meant for hunting and killing, the children with wisdom, all in one mind rotated the empty part of the iron door so as to prevent the attack from touching them.

However, the cars took shape, adjusting themselves to the obstacle and now able to move in between the many doubled doors and attacked, spreading the children.

The kids' plan failed! They had to run for their lives.

I witness a child tucking himself into some clothes or lodged covering into his hiding place dug into the earth. A cave that an animal would dive into, as a refuge of his.

This odd little space the child had, contained a door. This door led to an underground hall (it had a tiny square window at the top through which I saw the hall). A group of people in charge asked the child to show himself up to make sure that he is in his cell and did not run away like the others. As odd as it might seem, the kid’s appearance changed! He was now all green like Piccolo. I was there by his side in my natural Caucasian skin, calm and witnessing everything. Yet, others could see me.

"Hand me that hand resting there on you!" said one of the women in charge to the kid, referring herself to me, rather intrigued. "Her hands so soft! Her skin so smooth!" her attempt was to flatter me, this was her weapon, as she acted in selfishness, for I sensed sad jealousy coming from her. But in vain, nothing touched or moved me to her failed attempt.

[Scene changes…]

Now I was in the midst of a group. Mostly girls, on my line. We were in a room resembling a classroom, sitting on simple chairs lined upwards, as one sees in universities or at cinemas. I was in the very last raw on top. Calmly, we all listened to the instructions given.

The lady-boss talked and instructed the people and handed them a little book, the size of a very small paper prayer book I had in reality. When she reached me, she informs me that unfortunately, the books run out. "That’s odd," I thought, "God will provide for me," I decided to trust in Him, and looking at the remaining youngsters in the line to my left, who likewise were left without this book, I added decisive in my mind, "God will lead us all."

"Maybe we can lead them by pictures—picture by picture!" One girl suggested cheerfully at the option. She wanted to offer help and hope because we all had the sense this class was an army in a dangerous "game" where one without the leading Map and Keys-steps is definitely K.O. A game that is a reality now. This little book seemed most necessary for survival. I could catch a visual glimpse of some steps which involved crossing a very high bridge located over buildings as being the First Step.

Then all got dispatched. All, but me.

Why did I remain?

Staying behind, now outside, I witnessed the Leading Man hiding behind a flag post, thick and pointy at the top. The man’s constantly trembling body caused the post to tremble heavily. "Why is he seemingly hiding and trembling?" I asked myself, and soon the answer was given to me, having a knowing revelation within: …he was waiting.

That for which he so fearfully expected soon began to happen:

The youngsters who launched themselves to start the First Steps of the “game”, shone as a star before its death, and within split seconds their light was snuffed out and they all began to fall to the ground like an outpouring of heavy rain. Every drop is a soul! Their physical bodies transformed when they shone and took the shapes of wind chimes with little papers to them (as if holding their names or something meaningful on the paper). The falling chimes released little soft sounds as those when touched by the wind. Although the sound was soft, it totally contradicted the atmosphere we were in — one of horror, where fear was on your back at each alerted sense of danger. But Fear was absent to me. It was not on my back.

Whenever threatened afterward by an invasion of monsters in our place, swiftly I would clap my hands for a moment and lower my head. A light shone from my chest area—more exactly from the necklace I was wearing. Even whenever I would praise simultaneously, the beasts would not approach and touch me.

The shining light, the praise, and the feeling were happening all in short seconds, so rushed and stressed with alert was this environment whenever there was an enemy attack.


Sad was the falling of our youngsters. "So soon...?!" I exclaimed incredulously at the sight before me as thousand landed on the ground. The man knew this could happen, for he went through this before.

After, the lady-boss began to address words in need for the remaining troops. There seemed to be more with me, those of my line previously mentioned. I knew some of the girls and others who had returned from the battlefield. As we were speaking about the flying monsters, their attack strategies, and tactics, I had a notion the beasts multiplied by tearing down a soldier, killing him, but then the victim would transform into one of them! He or she wound became one of the beasts! This I see soon happening.

The arrival of a lady with the appearance of helping us only gave entrance to a flying dinosaur-devilish-thing, unnoticeable to the rest at first, landing on the ceiling's thick wooden bar. There was a little ceiling room, and through its large window, I witness one of my well-known comrades, a young red-haired girl being torn apart from her chest by this best’s big claws. My friend cast her horrified eyes on me in her final seconds, terrorized at her fate!

Now all in the room were aware of the presence of this thing, this killer intruder among us.

It swiftly gets out through the door of that upper room, aiming me as its next prey. However, as soon as it faced me, immediately with boldly I begin to speak in Tongues, advancing fearlessly toward it, step by step, causing it to step back, step by step. With palms open and arms slightly extended as one in authority would do, I prayed, glaring at it. Some teens and teen adults were fearfully grouped at the sides, witnessing something unseen before amid this darkness. I had a feeling of being burdened with someone on my back while facing the beast, carrying someone, though it did not damage me with its weight. As I go praying, I notice among the grouped people, some ugly faces began to take shape on themselves. Now it didn't seem I was among people but rather among creatures with distorted ogre faces. Some green and stiff, others of pale dead colors. All are seated as if in airplane seats now. Witnessing. Slowly, ogre faces kick fear in me, trying to come in and intimidate me. And so, tokens of fear and bold faith of resisting it fought inside me. Having passed only a few minutes from the beginning of the retreating beast until fear kicked in, continually with tongues on my lips, I gain consciousness and gradually woke up.

Still and pondering, the fight of fear and boldness continued inside me as I kept praying in tongues. Pride and fear, faith and surrender to the Lord were at fierce fight, trying to domain parts of me.

Slowly taking up the previous posture of open palms I had in my dream; I lay in my bed as my mouth unleashed tongues.

"It’s so odd... Fear did not infect me in the dream's horrible scenes and neither now that I am awake." I thought while praying. "This stillness can be only from the Lord." Grabbing my cross necklace, I recall that shining light coming off my necklace in the dream. "The only necklace I ever wear is the wooden cross... The cross relates to Jesus... Jesus is the light in the darkness! Just as it was in the dream!" I realized.

Recalling one scene of how one mentioned to another, "Whenever she prays or praises, the beasts don't come near her! They do not function against her." Therefore, making me realize the other similar dreams I have had where the Weapon of Prayer and of the Holy Spirit win the battle with these beasts.

TONGUES! The weapon most inspired in my dreams to use against these creatures. To fight Pride from the moment of my conscious awareness of the dream, I laid in my bed in tongues and reasoned stubbornly, but with surrender: "There is no pride in this, me acting boldly as I did in the dream. I am dressed with the Son, Father, and Spirit— I am His vessel! This is Him, His doing, that none should boast." I drowned the feeling of pride stirring me to flattery. Reasoning this is for the others, that I am a servant in servitude to others.


After having all those dreams, I recalled how I asked the Lord to show me something of how it would be like, how would one feel in the Tribulation. Reasoning within myself how ignorant and prideful yet insecure I am about what to expect since I'll be staying behind probably.

Holy Spirit takes over the soul, completely transforming it to the battle ahead, empowering it with Himself and maning-her-up! In a moment of terror, He is your confidence and fearlessness, so overcome with the Spirit will one be.

The lady who came with the appearance to help us, but brought with her a killer-beast, is a lesson of How one ought to always discern and ask the Lord “who joins your ranks,” TO “whom you open the door to and allow to come in. For also, in another Tribulation dream, a similar situation occurred where a ground of teen asked to join the camp, but we would not allow entry until discernment was done. However, due to the situation, the presence of these teens gave way to a group of killer beasts inviting the camp and starting to hunt the people down, which many of us fought them and were skilled in combat and in wisdom on how to K.O these beasts and their weak bodily spots.

Yet, again, as the Lord mentioned through Mother Clare, in these times, ALWAYS discern and ask the Lord, for He alone knows the hearts of the people and their true intentions.

These dreams served as a glimpse of the terror a soul would face. Fighting them off by human means [as I did in another dream event] would be to no avail because we truly do not fight against flesh and blood but against dark spiritual fallen angels. This is why only the Blood of Jesus and prayer in tongues DID work whenever brought forth. Spiritual things have to be fought with superior spiritual weapons, and these weapons come from Christ [the shining necklace], the light in the darkness. This light that the darkness cannot snuff out! Only through the means of God will a soul stand up to beasts, demons, and ugly ogre creatures.


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