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Tribulation Dreams – Facing Beasts and Demons (1/2)

These are dreams back in 2021, which the Lord allowed me to experience about the Tribulation.

The first dream:

I was with a group of people heading down to a place. We seemed to be alone at first but soon I realized many were around us. Having near me a young child to my chest, I notice we are currently hearing the speech of a person that seemed to be a leader, his speech had authority and passion. Looking around, I see ugly creatures, short and like creatures unseen before. The surrounding was constituted mostly of stone as in a coliseum of some kind.

“It is good that I am here,” I think to myself, “like that, I can see how it will be like and prepare myself for when I'll have to face this in the Tribulation!”

These words made my conscious self wonder, “Why did I say this?”

Both humans and creatures were in one place listening to that man. After uttering those inner words, I released a sigh and a few words in tongues, and I realize… how strange this place is. “Why am I here?” I began to question my presence among them. My eyes spot a young lady in a red dress walking ahead in short dancing movements before all. Her eyes were dead of life, dull and vacant yet acting like an ‘obedient’ girl. “This is really odd!” I think to myself again, realizing by the Spirit that the young lady is to be sacrificed on this rocky cut-stone in front of me at a short distance! Perceiving this is a satanic gathering, with that shaman preaching words of rebellion [it gave me the feeling of that in the dream]. The creatures, the people not bothered with them, the lady as a human sacrifice...

I get up from that place and retreat by stepping away, up the stony stairs. This place had people sitting or standing as in a coliseum. Filled with it. I was at the very bottom in the front raw.

I alone got this awareness of the things going on, all the people I was with, they didn’t react. Wishing to get out of there, I see myself teleported to the top of the stairs, near the exit door, which was open. Stepping outside, the environment was cloudy, dark, and oppressive. With a spiritual chill in the air. We were at the end of the day, for many workers closed their shops and entered a bus run on energy. Walking on the street, I think about where to lodge for the night and immediately I notice a woman speaking to another person in a hairdresser shop,

“You better come now before it’s too late,” she looks at the person inside the shop, “you’ll regret it if you stay!”

“Why would one regret it?” I thought.

Shortly after hearing those words, the person inside was convinced to get on the bus and be led to a certain place where all workers and common people were assigned to stay. Thinking about my stay for the night, in a swift movement I enter their shop before the door automatically shuts completely.

“What have I done?” I think in a split second, a bit worried about being in here.

Although this was a hairdresser’s place, this place was in movement as if a train’s wagon. On the back was a rectangular window, and so I perceived it was moving, going somewhere.

Suddenly, a noise is heard on the roof. Instantly I pray, “Blood of Jesus, cover and make me invisible to this being, and give me peace.” A beast was passing above the wagon, surveying and checking things like a night guard. It seemed like a beast as if seen only in movies, yet it was above me now, on the roof, on the back of the window, moving to control and patrol the situation and the places.

“Blood of Jesus cover and make me invisible to this beast and give me peace!” These words were repeated in my heart as inner peace began to cover me, in the faith of already being safe.

Gradually, while uttering the Blood of Jesus continually in the dream, I became more conscious and woke up.


This dream that happened a while ago, has its language and lesson from the Holy Spirit.

For one, this is the atmosphere one felt in that Tribulation times: beasts, call them demons, or whatever, were in the same crowd among humans. Not one was bothered by their presence. Rather, accepted them as normal. The human sacrifice took place, a soul brainwashed of life and void of consciousness as if programmed to act and “obey”.

If not awakened by the Holy Spirit, no one from the crowd will ever get what is going on around them and the place they are in. The reason I became aware of what was happening, was due to the few three or four words in tongues which I uttered suddenly, and then, I became aware. You need the Holy Spirit! You need His words, His prayer in Tongues woke me up in that coliseum.

Secondly, the workers labored, but at the end of the day, a train waited for them to be driven to a place, as if in a regime environment: Work, but then go to your camp with the rest. Controlled by a system. For if you delay and remain behind overnight, the patrolling night guards, those dark beasts, are no joke in their surveillance and control maintenance.

A godly soul wanders at times with no place to stay, having to live day by day and rely on the Lord’s provision for a place to sleep. They have no place of their own in these places. In an impulse, I apparently chose to get myself in a place considered dangerous, but the weapon of protection was the Lord’s precious Blood. Pleading the Blood of Jesus over yourself in faith and trust! Asking at the same time for peace within yourself!

All these words and prayers uttered in the dream, were moved and inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Lord safeguards His own people in the midst of it all. Them relying on the Lord! The Holy Spirit will be there in them!


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