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The Blood of Jesus In Your Body

While eating, I pondered the Blood of Jesus.

Thinking about the microscope of how blood tests are done, and even how blood runs in the veins, “It would be so awesome, Lord, if Your blood would have a shining to itself, or that there would be such a noticeable distinguishing of Your Blood from mine, then they [those with the microscope], would see more and more of Your Blood running in my veins as I receive You daily in the Supper! Now that would be truly ‘totally filled with the Blood of Jesus!’” I chucked amused.

Recalling Brother—as he recovered home after the one-night stay admission in the hospital—he found a post and shared it with the Heartdwellers group, and it said, “I want to be so full of Christ, that if a mosquito bites me, it would go away singing ‘There is power in the blood!!’”

Finding it amusing, but so true, as we both had episodes of malaria hitting us this Lent.

Thinking about all of this, within an instant, I am made to realize in fact:

“The wine is an element which my blood soaks into itself, so to say, as it does with food and nutrients—therefore the Blood of Jesus is not a Blood Cell in itself apart from my blood cell running in my veins—as though two types of bleed cells traversing the veins individually and separately of their own—No! THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS INSIDE MY BLOOD!!”

“Wait, WHAT!?” I realized, this just now was a Holy Spirit thought. And it continues:

“The blood of Jesus goes deep. It does not remain as a blood cell of itself in the veins, but as it is under the appearance of wine, the wine is taken within my blood, and the blood being blood, it transports the necessary to the cells of the organs in my body, therefore THE BLOOD OF JESUS GOES DEEP TO EACH ORGAN CELL and there He purifies, strengthens, and ‘divinizes’ them with His divinity, making them work properly!

“There is no Two Types of blood cells, [like mine and His], there is only one that is seen at the microscope—yours, but within it, is the Blood of Jesus!”

“Wow, Lord! Even the blood You unify!!” I exclaimed, as He often mentions being, “One with us. One you!”

The Lord then jumps in saying now:

“One in everything! One in thoughts. One in heart. One in mind and feelings, one in body, soul and spirit! One in everything about you.”

“The blood cells, the muscles, the organs, the hands and the feet—”

“—all His!” I said.

“All Mine!” He replied, “Everything Mine!”

Then I heard:

“When a body is consecrated to be His, everything it has and contains become His as He takes over and possesses the body, living now and indwelling with the soul inside the same body. The Lord is one in many more marvelous ways not yet known or perceived. But this is such a wonder!” Someone was in awe, and this was Mother Mary!

She continued, “Taking care of your body, is also taking care of the Lord, as this is His temple and He lives there. Everything that is done, He feels. Every nerve and sense is linked One with Him, it’s as His own body.”

Hm, how interesting! I chuckle pondering.

“This oneness is marvelous!” She is marveled, as Mother also is witness to this all, as she is totally one with God.

“Let the Lord be One in you. Let Him subdue all to Himself until you overflow in all areas and sides with Himself. Let the River flow [she meant the Holy Spirit], and soon you will be submerged and overcomed in it — at the Will of the Spirit! Wherever the river flows, life will be there. [Reference to Ezekiel 47].”

“Your heart goes deep unto Deep. Dive there much and adore the Adorable Lamb who gave it all so you could be One with Him forever!”

Oh Mother [content sigh], I wonder how deep can a soul go…

She replied, “Ever deeper. In the Lord, there is always depths to discover and sink deep into. Once there, He takes you deep unto Deep, where He is in control of all."

It reminded me of the deep of the ocean; dense, quiet, but fully controlled by the Lord.

“The surface won’t be enough. You need to go deeper my loved ones. Deep calls unto Deep (Psalm 42:7). Your satisfaction, content of life and peace, is in the deep. Just as your spirit is the deep of your being, so with my Spirit (Holy Spirit).

She said then as an aside, “Don’t be afraid to tell them as I tell you,” she encouraged gently, for I tried...— [chuckle] — to add some clarification to the words she just spoke to prevent people from misunderstanding her meaning, the ‘so with my Spirit’. So just leaving with the reference that she meant the Holy Spirit and not her own self.

“My Spirit will bear witness to the truth and many will understand what is it that I am referring to. They won’t misunderstand. In time.” She tells me.

Seconds later, after tending to something aside, she encourages, suggesting, to do the Office Reading now, as time was drawing near. And so, Mother Mary gives a strong right cheek kiss. So strong an affection! Reminding me of the Profile Image I have on WhatsApp. As a bye-bye kiss! With dark brown hair, she too looked young and beautiful as I perceived her swiftly from my right side.

(The picture on WhatsApp that I have, is of a lady, with the role of Mar, kissings an infant, so tender and loving!—... Wow.) God bless you all! May you ponder on the Blood of Jesus and adore the Lamb Who adores you!


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