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Be Made Ready... "Stay with Me"

"Cling to Me with all your might and never let go! The battle is about to get fierce now, in many fronts, both physically and spiritually as I move to switch courses and destinations meant for bad and evil purposes. My mercy still reigns and makes ground for more souls to be released and come to the knowledge of Me, the truth of their lives. Hold fast My Brides, no matter what is being allowed to befall on you, hold fast, and soon we shall win this shoreline with trust and steadfastness.

"Your purpose still remains in Me, My darling, never be distracted from your main goal in life: loving and living for Me. Direct yourselves in this way and ample will be My fruit in yourselves. Make Me always the focus of all you do and think, I am your Lord.

"About this," He mentions as an aside to me personally, "this is not to confuse you of your standing, it is to gain an awareness of the meaning of loving, through many self-denials. I am teaching you the merits of true love. My love. Be at peace My dear, this too shall pass, and once again you will rejoice over this all that took place.

"Mainly, do spend ample time with Me, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul and spiritbe with Me. Do gaze upon Me, even silentlyspend time with Me [longing, with a hint of sadness]. Far too many times you are all distracted away from Me, but always come back and redouble your efforts to be in My presenceyou bring Me much consolation. Much consolation! So stay with Me, day or night, and be at My side. I need you all! Not one is unimportant to Me! You are all precious and needed in these times."

He holds the soul and hugs her tightly, with a longing and yearning desire, mixed with a melancholic feeling.

"Many important turns will take place this year, soon more to unfold. Detach yourselves from self-wants, and be always vigilant and alert to the promptings of My Spirit about others' needs, even those closest to you. Do not despise any error that is brought up to the surface, as I deal with you in your error, so must you deal with others when their error is up into the open. Be unto them as I am unto you, and always have in mind that 'what you do these least of Mine, you do it to Me'. Always remember that, and you will stand.

"Be ready My people, be made ready by being with Me and in prayerful postures, My time is coming to break through and magnify Myself on this planet. Be made ready and stay closest to Me above all else. I am indeed with you and for you. I have not forsaken any of you, I am the Lord God Almighty who conquers for you the battlefield! Amen!"

Amen, Lord Jesus...!

He grants the soul a kiss and a hug, encouraging His own (for what is to come).


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