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Pray Much & Allow Yourselves to Feel the Pain

Sitting down and waiting for the Lord to hear from Him, after a pause, I began to hear from our Mother of Mercy.

Mama Mary began:

“My little one, I ask you to pray with me unceasingly for the few days ahead. It will be crucial on prayer and petitions to the Father for many souls in peril of perdition. Take me with you always as you go onward with your day, and we shall pray and intercede together.”

“There is much need of prayer and I will grant you my own heart of prayer so you will have a heart for the souls too.” Then, thinking what to pray and how, she responds to my thought, “As you can. My prayer always on your lips.” She means the Rosary. Which at times, during the day, there is an inspiration to just speak to her, through the Rosary, one bead slowly at a time.

Mother Mary continued,

“I will take them before the Lord our God and Father, [the slow, little, heartfelt Rosary beads during the day], and present them on behalf of the world, of my chosen souls, of those yet to know the Lord our God, and me, their mother. They might not have much sense of peril right now, but daily, my little ones…. oh, daily there is a soul being lost!

“You were wondering how can God be both happy and bear with the tremendous pain of losing a precious soul forever…”. [I’ve been wondering about that]

“Yet because of His righteousness, the judgment on the souls go as they go. I do the best I can to intercede for them before my beloved Son and Savior, but some souls would not yield no matter how much time would be given them.

“So I petition you, my dear little ones, be near me to aid many such souls at the hour of their death. That even as they live, those who are His will come to the flock renewed and made whole in Him, Our Lord.

“Pray with me, my little ones. Even if death would come to the door of some and others, let’s pray their souls be with God forever and not one shall be lost.

“Pray with me at all times in this hour of death for many.

“Do not fear, Mother is here.” She gathers her arms around a group, which are her children, enclosing them in the safety of her mantle around them, like the wings of a mother hen. So very secure in her protective embrace. As if also sheltering them from coming danger.

Mother continued,

“Do go along tending to the Lord’s service and souls, but keep your minds and heart riveted on souls and the Heart of our Lord. Thank you, my dear ones. I am here to aid you in prayer. Thank you,” gratefully lowering her head gently as a sign of gratitude.

That was the end of our dear Mother of Mercy’s request.

Then Lord Jesus began to speak:

“There might be little time for all to prepare hearts for My coming. Spend the remaining time loving Me with all of your hearts and grant a word of counsel and of love to your neighboring ones —even in your own house, as fitting, with Me. Do not neglect letting them know of what transpires currently, so they too will be informed and take heed to analyze themselves with Me.

“My dear ones, do not yield to fear, although the looming events would stir up many such fears—do not yield to them! Take them by the horns and bring them to My feet and submit them to My authority. You have no need to fear as you remain close to Me. Even if I were to show you an area that needs to be polished within you — fear is not to reign you! For once I have you as My own, you are Mine—through good and bad alike. I take you and shape you.

"However, those who do not heed to Me and follow their own agenda, plans, and lucrative — would fall easily because of a lack of roots in Me, the Vineyard. Love them much, be patient with all, for your patience and restraint is a testimony before them of Myself.

“Be strong in Me, take care of them.

"And My dear ones, when suffering is seen, when death is witnessed, allow yourselves to feel the pain, uniting it to My sorrowful aching heart. I will take your hearts—and you, uniting it with Me, will feel the peace and abandonment of all that must take place, ordained by our Father in Heaven. Your tears, sorbs, and aches are prayers so powerful! Do not fear feeling pain for them. For all heaven feels likewise, as I do — one Body, one Spirit.

“Lift up your cries and mourning to Me. Let these tears be healing waters to many souls, even for your own loved ones.

“Do not fear the terrors of night, ask Me to shelter and safeguard you and your household and My angels will be here, guarding your lives safely. Have a heart and mind of prayer, My loved ones. For like this, a change takes place.”

“Also, dear little ones, accept adversity in My name. Offer it to Me, and hope will keep you at peace.”

Then, wondering about the message which was given until now, I blurted out, “It seems like war is already at the door, Lord…”

I just felt a serious sense from the Lord, He only said, “Pray much.”

[When He mentioned this, I looked at the clock and saw that we were on date October 11, and the clock read 11:11 — everything was “1” — and “1” is a nudge from Daddy God, God the Father. Interesting.]

He rubbed His hand on my right arm in a reassuring gesture, adding, “I’ll keep you all safe,” meaning the souls near Him.

“Even if death should take some of you, My love for you all remains! You won't be lost in Me. This is why, also, the examining of conscience will serve good to begin even now. Access the areas of your lives where there is need to be acknowledged and worked upon with Me. Bring back to Me the areas needing reconciliation with Me. And even if I should take some of you, happy will your souls be because you took time with Me to examine and cleanse your hearts before Me.”

“That would be it for now.

"Stay close, dear ones. Stay close to Me and My Mother’s heart for you.”

That was the end of Jesus’ message.

God bless you all. Take refuge and comfort in the Lord’s heart.


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