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Mother Mary Speaks on Littleness

The Passion – the Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary

“Naturally people are attracted to little children. . . naturally people are attracted to weak frail people wishing to help them, that feel that in their being. It remains at times unexpectable and unexplained as of why they feel the way they do. But take this example as how God is attracted toward the little ones, his children, the weak and frails ones, those needing help. Naturally one feels more drawn toward a child than one very famous well-known person, who is in the stand of all. Littleness with its innocence, with its frailty, draws Him, drawn angels, draws Heaven. Littleness is the mark of heaven. It drowns greatness to itself.” Momma Mary says.

“Amazed by their littleness, cheerfulness, freedom, innocence and wonderment in life, though they know so little and had not lived long to gain much wisdom, they possess nothing, yet they are the mark of HEAVEN ON EARTH.” The little children she refers to here.

“So, do not fear to be seen as little in the eyes of the world, in your own eyes, or in the eyes of heaven. That is a great honor, a sincere delight to be free like that. In littleness you find most delight on earth and in life. In little packages comes great blessings. In little toes comes great joy. In a little hug there is great consolation when given sincerely. In little sparkling eyes of wonderment, it enlightens a soul. Littleness is the mark of heaven on you, all around you, beneath, above, right, and left. In littleness is your freedom. Your sincere heartfelt freedom.

"Everything starts little, even if you were to grow up physically, honing skills and gaining experience in life- remain little, in that will you find delight, it that will you be able to still see the world through the eyes of God, the eyes of a child, thought the eyes you have seen the world when you were in your early childhood. You remain entuned to God all around you, for ‘heaven and earth are full of his glory’ then, you are able to perceive him in the nature, in the people you see, in the wind, the rain, the bees, the Cloud and their splendor of beauty at sunsets. Your eyes are open to see him because you remain open and little. So don’t strive to be big. If you want to be big, be big in love with him, the bid in smiling often sincerely, be bid in cheering someone one and encouraging them. Be big in little thing that are great things in disguise, for ‘in little things comes great things’ that is the nature of God, he mostly come as in ‘little things’ before he come in his grandeur and splendor.” (Little in mind, in opinions, not pushy). “Enjoy life, enjoy the little, be little – for great are you in heaven in your littleness.”

The Rosary Ended.

My dearest Mother, God has brought to fulfillment a desire now for I wished to speak like thing with you too, and here I happened. Thank you immensely for speaking with me. I pray truly, truly, truly, that together with you, this inspiration I feel now of being little, this freshness of gentle winds within my soul – let them to brought to action in Jesus’ name. Let all you said be lived, breathed, and felt. Please cultivate this in all of us according to His heart’s desires. Thank you, Momma! Was sweet to hear your voice again.

“Oh, daughter of mine how I greatly love you in the fervor of your Lord for you. You have no idea how much you are loved, pursued after, and held tightly together to his chest. He adores you as a most priceless treasure hidden in the world. Remain little within me as I bring you to fruition in him, for him, to him, and through him. Great is your delight in him for you as you remain within my mantle and motherly heart and hands. I will see to it that you accomplish you purpose on earth and the journey would be run until the end. You have entrusted yourself to me, I am greatly please and beyond happy for you consent. You have no idea the degree of joy I feel when a soul does this to me. I then can move with the Beloved Holy Spirit to increase that soul in the Lord, to shape them accordingly to his will for them.”

How can it be momma that we have this life together?

“A tremendous blessing from the Lord it is, his heart delight in outpouring himself like this. Imagine a waterfall with the abundance of water falling down continuously. Imagine now that God and his love is the water, those great torrent of water and they continuously fall down upon you. The waters and their tremendous force do not harm you, rather refreshed and cleanses you until you stand in the midst of the outpouring of water and are at peace of mind and soul and you simply exist, existing in your perfected humanity he envisioned you to be. You become mature in him in those waters, while at the same time, little, free, like a free soul of a child newly arrived on earth grounds. That freshness and atmosphere of heaven still is strong on these little ones, that is why many are attracted to such as these, they emanate the atmosphere of heaven.

"For those being long on earth they also forgot the ambientes of their heaven. That is why also the father outpours himself on earth by sending his little servants straight from his heart of refresh the hearts of many. The coming of a child on earth has many reasons, they carry much meaning for being send down there. One of such reason is to carry, as little messengers, the aroma of heaven to those long wearied and tired of days, bringing bones back to life again, reviving those dry waters within them. Many ways does the Lord our God works through such innocent little ones while they are so tenderly new on earth grounds. And happy is his heart when those meant to receive, receive. He IS longing Father wishing to refresh his weary children on earth, therefore coming in abundance down to them daily, yearly, always. Many have only to receive of him and be glad, accept his gifts and see what he does then evermore.” [meaning, he would do more for them after they accept at the moment].

“The children actually delight the angels too!” she added.

They are a wonder…! [the children]

“Purely from the heart of God straight on earth. Seeing these little ones, should give people a sense of God’s heart.”

“Of curse, aside when they misbehave in their flesh.” She read my mind about thinking the children do act in some ways that do not depict God at some times. Hahah, the sin nature she means here.

Marvelous, Momma! ~ Feeling like giving her a swift tender hand-kiss flying her way, as children would.

“Thank you greatly for this time together. It was a delight to speak and listen to you my dear daughter.” I began to write this to her as ‘thank you’ but at the ‘dear daughter’ I realize it was her thanking me, lol. She adds then amused a bit, saying, “We know the feling is mutul.” She chuckles gently and happy.

[Happy sigh] Amazing . . .

Praised be you, my Lord, for this joy in the morning today here in your presence.

[hand-kiss flying his way]


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