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When Fear Strikes Again

Hello, dear ones. May the Lord bless you all and keep you close to His heart.

After receiving Him in the Lord’s Supper,

He spoke gently, saying,

“Come with Me. Stay here… Rest a little bit. It’s been a while since we spoke.”

I then went to sit on the kitchen floor and listen, leaning.

He continued,

“I am with you in all of this until the end of the earth. Don’t fear coming close to Me, I wait for you with open arms.”

And here I reasoned, don’t I do this?

[Jesus] “You do, but scarcely compared to how much I want you to be close to Me, in spirit and in truth.”

“So, how do I do that?” I asked.

[Jesus] “Sing to Me aloud and train your voice to praise and honor Me in the freedom of a child. You don’t have to be perfect and strive for high notes, your heart's intention says it all. Though it is good and pleasant to have the tone developed, the heart is the one that sings.”

I had been caught up one morning singing in tongues, humming, and at times allowing myself to be taken up and release myself to sing. So, He was mentioning that — to allow myself to do it continually.

Jesus continued,

“I have taken you unto Myself and I do not relinquish you for one instance. My love for you is not feeble and temporary, it is a strong tower and lasts forever. Strong winds and torrents cannot bring it down! You abide in it, and I AM strong to save and protect. No hand rises against it and prevails.” [1:11 pm]

And after a moment of quiet pause, my thoughts went on, thinking of a walk I had with a sister near a river, with people there. Having been assaulted with fears and scruples along the way back. I brought it up to Jesus, asking Him, once again,

“…Do I know how to love, Jesus?”

He answered,

“I teach you the way to go and walk in it. You fear too much to displease Me that it robs you of much tranquility and peace. I don’t torment a soul with a plaguing statement that she has failed to love again in these or that. You will be surprised when you reach and come to Heaven of the many times you DID show love. Your concern to “show” love is what troubles My heart because it troubles yours, and at times deviates/departs you from Me due to the guilt that follows.”

And fearing the day in Heaven when I have to stand before Him, after a brief pause as my thoughts kept going, I heard in a calm inquiry;

[Jesus] “How do you define love?” I was asked.

And I answered, “Not failing… Moving when a soul needs you. Giving, and not restraining. Refusing to criticize and judge. Honoring others above oneself and thus rebuking downgrading a sister or a brother. You can say that the day when I freely approach people would be a day where I would say, “Now I have learned to love people.” It’s just my weakness and I fear I fail You every time if I do not approach someone as my thought tell me to do”.

Jesus answered,

“Hmm. You should follow the example of Mother Elisha and put it to rest. I will take it from there.”

And the example Mother Elisha told me one day, when I struggled and I shared this with her, she told me that before I go out anywhere, to say to the Holy Spirit: “Holy Spirit, anoint me to draw people that You want me to bless.” If they approach me and speak or say something to me and get interactions with me – then that’s a sign that He wants me to pray for them, or to bless them with a prayer, or who knows. But if nobody approaches me, then to just be at peace and pray for them quietly.

And I said to Jesus: “I just feel I’m not doing enough for You…”

[Jesus] “Allow Me to purify you and strengthen this part.”

“As You will it, Lord. I’m just afraid that I resist You ….”

[Jesus] “And you are, at some points. But I take them and use it even then for something good. I shall purify all parts of you and make you whole, but not without a struggle in the long run as you know. Every little bit of step is met with trials and tests because due to them there is growth. So, continue to cast yourself at My care and trust in My merciful love that saves you even from yourself. Trust in Me more fully, and you will see the work I am doing.

“I love you. Do not be dismayed. Your poverty in this area only means you need Me even more, and continually. That is a good position to be because like that I will be your source of all your needs. My vessels unto honor have to be emptied so I can fill. The emptier and poorer you are, the more glory and joy for Me, because I then can fully immerse Myself in this vessel and consume it wholly with Myself. This requires trust and confidence, so the little vessel won’t allow itself to crack because of the depression of being naturally empty. It stays strong because it has confidence in the one who fills her wholly. Be likewise. Continue to depend on Me and My Mother’s love and care. She has you prepared in the long run for Me. She will take good care of you, especially in your most weakest parts. Have trust and confidence and do not beat yourself down.”

Then Mother Mary says,

“Bear the cross with quiet surrender and dwell on my Son’s goodness for you, the rest will follow up. Being so poor in spirit is not a bad thing, as you see it, it is a source of joy for He becomes your All.

“You have entrusted all to me, so, therefore, do not fear. In a quiet spirit and peace of conscience follow after me. Learn of your little Mother [she means herself], and she will flock you nearer and nearer to the Shepherd. There you will learn of Him as He is meek and gentle in spirit. My Spirit fills you in, and He is not restrained as you deem it to be. [She mentions the Holy Spirit]. He moves freely and about you though you perceive it not. All in all, have confidence in God. All things will turn out well in the end. Bear the cross with me and let us stay near Him. Not forsaking Him even if weakness is seen,” Mother concluded.

And here I deviated, thinking the message had ended. I went to do something else – to move on. But the Lord kept telling me through the Bible Promise book, He wanted to say something else. So, I came back to continue to type.

Jesus continued,

[Jesus] “I want you to go about loving people in the power and the strength of My Spirit. It doesn’t require much extravagant actions and deeds, simply do them as they are given to you. Every little thing done out of love is a great thing on My scale. At times I will ask you to step out and do more, but that should not prevent you from loving as you should on daily things”.

“Seems I am reasoning with it, Lord, as if trying not to hear You calling me out for more of it. As if the door-to-door type of action.”

[Jesus] “You fear the failure and the weakness you find yourself in when called to step out.”

“Oh Lord this is a sensitive topic— I, I.. I seem to be afraid to hear about it…!“

[Jesus] “I understand, but I am trying to bring you out of this den of fears. True love casts out all fear, and I want you to be free from this, free to love. You are held in bondage by a demon of fear, and I want to break it. But I need you to cooperate with Me and not run from Me. I know shame grips you tightly when you see how weak you are and cannot show love. That is one area they get the most of you, it fuels them to further cripple you and break the forward movement.” [As if breaking my legs]. “Fear of men runs deep.”

“This just shows indeed I am weak in love.”

[Jesus] “Oh dear child of Mine, I do not forsake or condemn you! You need to let up and allow Me the reign of life. Try this: think of Me every time you slip up. Not in shame, not in fear, but think of Me.

“I would run in a corner and weep…I don’t know Lord...this is just…sad!”

[Jesus] “I can make you stronger! Let me be strong in you! Relinquish those thoughts to Me and just love as the day brings you.”

“Eventually, I fear the day, anxious it will bring me to the door of my neighbor…..”

[Jesus] “Be courageous! Be courageous! Don’t yield to fear. It will keep on growing. Fight it with trust in Me, fight it with surrender about your weakness, fight it with the acknowledgment that yes, you cannot do it, but I can, and I will! Fight fear by living in the moment and not allowing it to trouble your heart and mind about the future! I fight for you!! And the battle WILL be won, for I am with you.

“Much of the battle in the mind. What you are made to believe. That is why I say, ‘do not think of your life the same way as you did before you were saved. The way you used to think has to be canceled.’ You can do it! Take captive every negative thought and submit it to the truth of My Word! What I tell you IS the truth. Train your mind to further let go of them and dwell on Me.

“Take captive every thought. Let’s take the pest out of it!”

And here, I had discerned again about the message, and got “Holy Spirit”. However, it turns out He wanted to say more. And I came back and just listened a bit more.

Jesus continued.

Consecrate your heart to My foster-father, Joseph. As you are doing this consecration to him, entrust your heart and all of this to him to pray for, to intercede, and to aid you with it. Expect him to help you to overcome the issues you constantly feel about the plaguing fear of “not loving.” He will see to it to bring a change according to My will. Pray for it. Ask him to assist you in this walk, in loving as one ought to love. He is a Father to you and a child of his he does not forsake.

If you wish to grow in the ministry of healing and touching people with My healing power, you begin and start it little. Ask for boldness, faith, and courage to move, and My Spirit will move you in HIS STRENGHT. You are weak but I see what I can do through you. Begin little. Constantly asking Me, My Mother, and those I entrusted you to – ask their assistance as you did before, and then wait on Me to bring about the opportunity and the winds of the Spirit will flow.

“Know what fear is conquered by facing it and doing what you fear to do. I have anointing in store for you and wish to manifest Myself to others that I love and reach out to them.”

And I was thinking how at times one prays but… nothing?

And Jesus answered that thought.

“You pray in faith. Even if at the moment before your eyes there would be no sign of visible healing, know that I take in consideration—your prayer—and I follow up with results. It might not be before your eyes at times, but I do it, for I am faithful. I always use the prayers of my people and move, for I languish about in longing to touch them and answer a prayer offered up to me for the good of a person.

“Therefore, start little. Start with Me, in Me, I will do it through you. Don’t run in shame and fear afterward. Stand strong! Trusting that I am not deaf and stilled.

“Little steps of faith will bring you the freedom. Both to you and those around you. Have faith in the God who does not fail. Have unbounding faith!”

“Is there something else you wish to add Jesus?”

[Jesus] “I will grant you opportunities, and when it comes—do not fear, do not yield to fear. I will strengthen you! In weakness, My power is perfected. And you are a perfect vessel for Me to show My power. Now go in faith! A little one to bring in the good news of My Kingdom on Earth. God is with you.”

And then the final discernment I got about this whole message was again “Holy Spirit”. It’s a good confirmation. Therefore, may the Lord grant us all His strength, His faith —booouundless, heroic faith that is put into Action!



I had prayed for healing over a neck and the pain went away, an upper disc strengthened. In another situation, I laid hands on a Sister who was struggling with eyes burning, ear pressure for 10 years for some unknown reason. In this case, the Lord and Momma took the prayer and the next day disclosed why the ear pressure, like the cause of it. The Sister now knows and is to go and take care of her weight. A doctor disclosed to her that it is due to her being underweight. And her eyes were due to them being dry, she got the needed drops. Praise God! He answers, one way or another!

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