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Love So Valued

Mother Elisha and I were praying the Rosary and at the end, she said her heart was burning — burning to journal and speak with the Lord again. She wanted to rush herself and pour her heart to Jesus as in old times, so to say. “Go ahead!” I said to her, and she suggests to me that I too would try that out and who knows, the Lord might give us a surprise and speak to all of us today. [Laugh]

So I went and I opened my computer and instantly I remembered what day it was today, and joyfully I said to Mother Mary,

“Aww Mamma, I just remembered today in our Orthodox side is the Feast Day of The Covering Of Mother Of God, her protective covering!!” [ro: Acoperamantul Maicii Domnului] And I said, “Happy Day in Heaven, Mamma.”

She replied right away, “Thank you, Darling”.

I began to pour out my thoughts and heart to her in surprising joy and cheer at that moment.

“Oh Mom,” (if I may call you like that,) “I keep pondering these few days how the Lord has fulfilled so many things I had desired before - in a major scale, so to say! I kept dreaming of marrying JESUS, and he finally did it, down here! Wow! I kept wishing to sit and listen to Papa Ezekiel and to know him as a person. And here I am, on this mountain and in Taos. Oh, Mother! The blessings of the Lord! I even recalled how I wished to be before Jesus’ Eucharistic face in real-time (not through a picture or online), and just sit at his feet and gaze at him, think and contemplate him— and here I am now. And on top of that, being made an Adorer Priest…Wow!”

[Blessed Mother]

“And they just keep coming!” (I heard). “Truly, they do. The Lord’s heart burns with longing desire to have His faithful ones near his longing heart. To just merely sit and talk and listen to his aching longing heart. Or to happily stare at him lovingly in deep contemplation. His need for love is so great: the love of a soul. Really. Although a King, with all riches at his feet and in his hands, the ones who touch his heart are the little ones—humans.

“So great and majestic is our God, but he deeply longs for that honest love a soul could give back to him. A love that is so cherished in the courts of heaven. So valued in the eyes of all.

“When one touches the surface of God’s immense love for a soul, the soul in return is set on fire so much that she too is willing to lay herself down for her God, who laid HIMSELF down for her salvation willingly and freely. One could only experience this true burning love only when in touch with the True God who Himself is the Source of all things of Love.

Oh...! His love…!” I sensed a strong stirring and deep emotion rise up, that belonged to her actually, and that feeling was imparted to me

“Ever burning”, she continued, “ever pure, never forceful, ever sympathetic and true.” She continued softly and adoring him as she spoke. “Oh His Love that sets free the captive, that feeds the naked and hungry, the destitute and the forsaken. His love runs deep! Deeper than human scales could measure and imagine. Truly! There is no end to it.

“His love pours out for souls, and he desperately desires that it is received, in whatever way he desires to give it.”

At that moment I stopped briefly. I had to gather myself and rebuke irritation over too many words spoken in such a short time. (Yeah!) This is just one of the things that I see in the Mirror of the Lord, that I have. It is a certain irritation over rashness when too many words are spoken in a certain time span. I feel rushed so I had to calm myself down. [Laugh] …!

So, soon after this, I had to gather myself and think of his love and our marriage. And I said contemplating,

“Finally Jesus, you have married me. Forgive me of my impatience of now.”

“I forgive you.” He said with kind understanding.

“Forgive me too, Mamma!”

“Forgiven too!” She replied gently.

“Thank you.”

Jesus took over and continued,

But yes, finally my dear: we are wed now. And you’re a delight for me to be with! In your littleness and frailty, in suffering and joy alike. You have no idea how I have received YOU in my eucharistic heart and love, which burns and burns and burns for you and many!”

I then said, “Truly, I have no idea! You’re kind of right. There is always much more to your love than I think. Compared to that, my perception is smaller than an atom when your gigantic love surpasses the whole Universe and beyond!! [Chuckles] Oh Lord, that’s huge!!”

I then entered in a few minutes of contemplation over this, ending up saying to him still in that quiet pondering.

“Your Love, huh…I used, I said, I used to muss around and contemplate how some souls risked their lives to save another, to face danger in order to protect another. Their actions were so appealing and…. so true! You know? Those people were not afraid. And even if they were afraid inside, they did not show it in cowardice but went forth with the rescue plan. Some received blows, lashes on their bodies - they did not spare themselves the sufferings.”

Jesus cut in quickly, saying “THAT’S the thing!” He exclaimed as a point-in-fact.

“True love is shown when one is willing to lay himself down and receive pain and suffering. The depth of Love is seen in there. A soul who loves to a certain extent, but neglects suffering shows it is an immature love and needs to be perfected.”

After another minute of quiet admiration over this subject, he said gently and lowly.

My whole being burns to have such an army of laid-down lovers, who sincerely love to the point of not fearing pain and sufferings, but who would embrace them, kiss their crosses and follow me, their leader, master, and example in all things Love.

“At times it does not come easy,” he said, “but is accomplishable, nonetheless.”

Jesus went on, saying,

“Souls who burn for Me, burn in My heart. A heart that is set on blazing Fire out of love for all mankind and my creation. All is held in that heart. (He points at it).

“Love, the highest particle valued in heaven. It is priceless to behold, to hold, to linger, and look at. Such sweet fragrances are released from this particle. It is SOOO intoxicating but at the same time you cannot seem to get enough of it — you would wish to see more and more of it!!

The contemplation state came over me again, as I soaked these words and marveled inwardly.

“Love is ALL around you.” The Lord continued. “At times it comes in smaller packages, other times in big packages. There are some packages that go unperceived by most as they seem invisible to the eye. The sky, the night, the sun and its heat, the flowers I release on earth, the rain, and the soft fall of snow in the first day, even how a snowflake melts at the touch of warmth: My love is expressed in such myriad ways in your visible world, and it surpasses imagination in our spiritual world. It is truly a privilege to know and learn how to love — to love as God loves, to love what he loves, to hold dear in your arms that Love he just recently created, to receive in your hands the ring that was fashioned for you since the beginning, to have a throne in God’s room and in his heart.

“Love, so meek and gentle. So appealing, innocent, and stunning. When it is manifested, it blows the minds of heaven as they all enjoy her fragrance and kindness, glorifying God in all his goodness.”

Instantly there were some shouts of praise hitting my mind, it did not seem to be Jesus, neither Mother Mary. They said, “What a God WE SERVE!” And another adding, “Amazing!” Later on, it made me think of the angels around us who got touched by this subject exclaimed their praise and wonder and love for God. [Laugh]

“It’s so…..,” as I tried to gather my thoughts and put them into words, “I can’t seem to find the word for it!” I concluded, saying that to Jesus. “I was basically thinking how simple it seems yet Loving is held high and almost seems as though unreachable, with us humans being so low. I imagined the Love Substance being elevated up in the sky, placed as if in a Winning Prize, while we humans were down below on the ground.”

Jesus cuts in and affirms in great hope, “But it is attainable. Only if the soul wills it.”

Then I set myself to contemplating more, saying afterward,

“Truly Lord, thinking of it, Your greatest gift and character trait is being able to Love. That is…., I can’t express it by any words. It is just — good and beautiful!”

(I tried poorly to find some words for it.) [Laugh]

“Thank you, Lord. Truly… Love, something worth running after.”

Amen.” He replied.

Then lingering, I began saying furthermore.

“I just pray, my Lord, that your heart’s desires be fulfilled in this time, that you will truly and indeed have an army of laid-down lovers who are not afraid of pain and blood wounds for you and your little ones. Your angels know very well how to love in this manner, so I just pray we all be like that, Lord: laid down for love of you and those whom you love. I pray you will have this entire generation filled to the brim with Love, love as of the Father. Fighting together with your laid-down angels — a whole army of Lovers for You, my God!”

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Amen! Amen!” This time it felt the angels were the ones saying it.

And that concludes the message of Love that He gave me with Mamma Mary.

I then set myself to checking the message, and I was thinking, doubting if that was indeed Mamma Mary at the beginning, so quickly and freely responding with that kind “Thank you, darling.” I looked at the clock for some reason and it was 4:44 PM — her number! Okay, it was her after all.

God bless you dear ones. May the graces to lay yourself down out of Love.

See you next time.


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