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"I am deepening you in Me"

May the Lord tenderly bless you.

The Lord began, “In the secrecy of the heart, we commune together. There I delight to see you act and rejoice in childlike faith. I hold you tight unto Me and you rest on My bosom, find your peace.

“Your longing for Me is pleasing like a fragrant flower to Me, so delicate and true. I enjoy that sigh of longing as a most sweet fragrance sent My way. In turn, My heart earns to have you face to face with Me in heaven, where no more toil is within your soul, where the only toil you have is enjoying and rejoicing in Me and my affection for you.

“Life, as it is now, will soon pass away and I will redeem you to myself, in My arms, on My bosom. You will have plenty such times to be with Me and come to know Me as I am. Oh the wonder of discovering the features and traits of your God, the angels themselves never tire in wonder at each time something new comes forth from Me to their insight.

“Ah, the marvel of having you near Me like this.

“Focus on Me at each breath, each sigh, each glance – I am deepening you in Me, closer and closer still to Me. At times it seems difficult and mostly invisible, but I am ever and always drawing you to Myself. My joy is this; that you be where I am. That you be as I am, and that together we bring forth fruit and My kingdom come, My will be done.

["Tethered" song began playing in my spirit:

Draw me closer, take me deeper,

Wanna be where you are,

I just wanna be where you are!

I just want my heart

To ever be entwined with you

Tethered to your heart.

I just want my soul,

To ever stand in awe of you].

“Don’t be troubled over the times ahead.” I was thinking of the Kazakhstan riots. “Things must come to pass to unfold forward movement to My coming. The times are very trying, but I will sustain you all by My own strength and grace. Fear not, your God is with you, and he goes before you along the way.

“All will be okay. Let not the trouble assail your soul and be lost in its constant wonderment as to why things happen the way they happen. Just be assured My hand moves through all and brings about the good of all creatures. Suffering should not bring you down at the sight of it. Rather join in with Mine, together it shall accomplish their purpose.

“Suffering is a gift; it is a mystery in itself the way suffering works you’re the salvation of a soul.”

Thank you, Jesus.

“Thank you for your time today with Me. It brings honor, joy, and comfort at your coming.”

Blessed be you, my Lord, and thanking Momma for helping with all too.

“Amen.” He kinda said. “Let us go now.” For the rest of the day, he means. ‘Let us go now’ for the rest of the day and see what the day brings. “I am coming with you.” He concluded.

So that is the short dialog with him. God bless you dear ones, stay close to his heart. Go deeper. And allow yourself to go deeper.

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