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“How do you imagine Heaven to be?” Arts, house, creation, with Jesus Christ

“How do you imagine Heaven to be?” Lord Jesus Christ asked.

"Anything that seems impossible," I replied.

He chuckles, and says, “Would you like to speak about Heaven today?”

"Well, let’s try. Let’s see what comes."

“Sooo… How is your home?” He had a pun expression, He knows it far too well, “Well, I would still like to know it from your point of view! The things you would like to see there.”

And so I began, "Oh man! Japanese culture!! [laughs loud] Seriously speaking now – Ugh-hm. I imagine my house to contain Japanese traits, yes. I can see it having the slide doors and the open veranda they would have to walk. There would be water with butterfly koi fish and some turtles. It would be simple and modest. What is interesting about the Japanese structure is that they keep it simple (as far as I saw), and since I am also one who wants simplicity in sight – not so much clutter of materials – their style looks simple, cute, and fresh. Even more when they have that wind chimes – oh! the sound they make! Adorable! It’s as if they ring the soul in a sway gently. It is also because of the breeze... Wind! Something about it too is so fresh and calm. This would be one. But as You know, I also see the Alpine mountains, but maybe that’s for another time.

"What I can tell at the moment, is that, yes, I also see a Russian wooden simple house in the forest, just like Batushka. I see it being sunny as in spring and early summer but not too hot [laugh]. There is green grass all around the place with little dirt lanes paving the way to somewhere. A wooden simple table is near the house a few steps away. Somehow, in so humble a house, there are baby chicks to and fro, bunnies at their freedom, bees flying and nobody bothering to shoo them away – all is at communal peace and harmony! I often would see myself come to that table and eat something with You.

“You might even see deers coming!” He adds.

"Oh man!" He got me excited.

“All from the forest coming to meet you! And they are so waiting for it. You just wait for it!" He Himself was excited.



“Go on...!” He gestures to continue talking.

"Well, there is yet another place – a studio, or so! How can I describe this place... It would take me long paragraphs.

“Well, let’s try it out! We got the time,” He certainly got time [laugh].

"Hm, well, its theme is all art and crafts creating. It’s like a side refuge to go to and create; paint, draw, build up something... – I did this before with You but we lost the file – but yes, to describe it a bit...

"It is as tall as a cathedral! As one enters the front door there is so much light inside due to the tall windows, from top to bottom! On your left side, all the wall is but all glass with some slim lines inside them. Near is a very long table where all gather, have a sit, and create to their heart's content. The center of this high main room, is free, nothing is there so as not to be an encumbrance to souls coming in. Rather, I see there is a species of chairs as of stone, looking like a throne – two of them – but don't know if anyone ever sits on them. Above these thrones is a very big painting and we are yet to figure out what it is. The room is in bright colors; white is its dominant color – although there are few areas in white color, for the room is mostly made up of windows and wall paintings. This is another: wall paintings! On your right, there is a mix of high windows and wall painting in between – so you have one high window, and then, a solid wall. This wall has a full wide painting; a scene, a story in it... The painting is as tall as the size of the windows.

"I can see now, on your left side [you are at the entrance still], the view through the windows is clear to an open green field and slight hoops. But on the right side where the wall paintings are mixed with windows, I sense dense trees behind.

"That's all I can venture for now... I had a sense more rooms were in this studio with diverse functionalities. One is a Photography room, you enter it and you see your life, from when God took you out of His heart; the life on earth and its marking memories and moments, etc.; then back Home to Heaven again.... but moving forward," getting tired of describing, [chuckle], "Yesterday I downed on me a Full Art Store in Heaven!!" it left me shockingly amazed.


"When I enter an art store here on earth, man! it’s laughable my amazement as if I’d want to use all materials and am interested in all things even if I don’t need them.

“…ARTISTS,” the Lord interrupts, shrugging funnily.

"It seems all have a certain store they just fell so wow," I continued, "mine seems to be arts. So when it downed on me that if I react like this in a store on earth….. what to say even about Heaven!?

“That store has so much!" Jesus began depicting it to me a bit, "Every functionality of arts is conjugated into one place – IT’S HUGE! more than a museum!”


"It has different sections, yes, as there are different sets of arts. Also, it contains all digital facilities too, since that too is My form of art offered to mankind. Anyone can come in and do that art on his heart! There, even animals are welcome! Open places, such as gardens are present, for some took the tools and paint outside in the open air as a deer would be there to pose or pick on the art. You see, both nature and mankind are united in all places – they are not restricted, and it adds so much life to the place – so diverse, and so…complete. You know? ‘As it should be’.

“There are even different types of arts you are yet unaware of," He rubbed his hands with the exciting gesture ‘Just wait for it!’

"It will be to your heart’s desire to go and dive in that store. The angels are there, creation [other species] are there – and it's so open! [light viewed in some parts].

“You know how it says that artists are ‘open-aired’, as to say ‘much light is in their soul’. I see it, they have much freshness in themselves, inspiration, and seeing the eye of beauty in My creation, they have big eyes to Me! Examining My flowers and how I made them, marveling at their color and delicacy. They find Me all around. You can say the artists have a more open eye to My glory in nature, in all creation, and their souls are more contemplative, more set on examining, discovering, and studying My touch on creatures. In turn, some try to depict it and so they marvel at how simple it looks at the sight, but when put to the finger, the creature is so difficult to grasp in its perfection. Therefore, they give Me glory in their wonder at how well and beautifully I made the creature – what's more, the creature breaths, moves, and is alive! Can you imagine the joy and laughs I have when I post such eyes and hearts? I am [He smiles] oh so there breathing in that sweet aroma of worship they emanate!

“You see, when you spot a creation of Mine and know it comes from Me and was made by My hands in My love and wisdom, when you see that creature and marvel at how beautiful and perfect every aspect of it is, that is worship! You are worshiping the hand of the Creator – well, Me," He summarized.

“Oh My loves," Jesus releases a fresh sigh, "you are all so beautiful to behold….” He entered into a contemplative mode.

“Soon now, your times will arrive and you will all meet Me up in Heaven and the delight I always had for you will be your everlasting food. Everything you will do from then on will bear the mark of pure love for Me and mankind and all I made in My goodness. You will be so fulfilled to the brim! You will be more serene than clear waters, even a breeze would pass over you to and fro [figure of speech], so serene and at peace will you be. All your souls blooming more and more in Me as you go exercising your gifts and talents, and putting virtues into action. Life there will be so very different than what it used to be down here.

“My loves, now you are one way, but then, you will be totally different – you will be another way [scripture Paul]. Endure just a little bit longer, as much as I deemed for your life on earth, and, staying close to Me more and more, you will get to heaven, you will get to your Home. As of now, keep feeding your souls with new desires and build up your homes and places in Heaven with Me.

“But know that, above all, your true source of joy will be gazing at Me…” His blue eyes are dazzling and magnetic with love for the soul gazing at Him, as 'He is the source'.

“Only the Source can bring fulfillment to the core,” He adds. “Thank you dear one for taking the time and courage to write it all down. Much more is in store for you!”

"What can I say, Lord, You opened the Gate [to Heaven], so I just thank You for You did it all!"

“Amen,” He gave a soft agreeing smile. “Love you all," giving a hand kiss to each soul, He concluded, "Keep waiting for Me. I’ll be back não tarda." Which means in a Portuguese expression, "It won't be long."


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