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Do You Really Know His Heart?

October, 2022...

“There are many buffets going on currently trying you in faith, hope, and love. Some parts are true, some are not and come in as lies and deceits, misunderstandings. You do not see them coming, but I am here for you, my dear one." Mama Mary said.

“I have seen your cries for long ago, and it wont take long before you are with us soon, but for now dear one fight manly and bravely, all and whatever comes up against you in our walk heavenwards – our God in Heaven.

“The one who fight valiantly, enduring, persevering even if crawling on the ground after a tough fight, oh! the peace that his (or her) soul will enjoy in due time and in eternity!

“I understand the battles, for I Myself have been in them," Lord Jesus took over, compassionate and understanding.

“Oh My loves, far too much and far too often you misunderstand Our heart! It is not vengeful or resentful at a child who fell but is welcoming with mercy and forgiveness. The world is just so deluded about My real Person, My real traits and heart characters, they only see the hand that judges and punishes, as if that were My heart. That is My righteous holiness for the wickedness perceived that need to be dealt with. But revenge, vengeance, thundering power and all the rest, that is My power, but that is not the depth of My heart.

“See the cross?

“See the man naked, torn open, bloody, sweaty, bruised and unrecognizable as a human? See that?? That is the depth of My heart! Only the depths of My heart allows Me to do that to Myself for your sake and salvation from wrath! Wrath comes because of My righteousness against laws infringed, but My Heart leads Me to be a willing sacrifice so you will be saved from that same wrath. Because you cling to Me, you are saved from the wrath to come, even though some will witness some parts of it while on earth. But you, My lambs, under My holy cleansing blood, you are not under wrath, you are under Me and My mercy and grace. So if your heart remains close to Me and yearns to be pleasing to Me, despite weakness and temptations arising – when I see you trying or bewildered trying to figure out what you have done to grieve Me… – do you think I am wroth with you? Or do you see My tender and compassionate eyes of mercy for you, who are now undergoing a test and trial of faith and endurance?

“Too many – because of how your lives have gone, some very harsh and with wounds – many expect Me to react and act as their peers used to on them. But My loves, man [humanity] was made in My Image, after My likeness, not Me after man’s likeness.

“You see, when man [humanity] fall short and show actions and attitudes contrary to love and My heart, they are falling short of My glory. I remain the same, I don’t change, I remain with the same heart. Same attitudes. Same burning love.

“When a wound is caused on you, the person is not showing you My heart, is not action according to My likeness, but in his or her weakness, falls short because of sin and weakness within. The cause of original sin.

“You are all fully redeemed when I take you out of your bodies, in the sense of you no longer will fall short of My glory, for you are now out of the temporary and are clothes with eternity.

[He addresses the questioning in my mind, trying to understand what he meant]

“You are redeemed by Me completely at the cross, but during life struggles still happen, weakness still occurs. This is what I mean ‘fully redeemed’, no longer under the weakness of the flesh! Your whole complete redemption is also seen when you will gain your new bodies, as I had My own when risen from the dead. Then, you will no longer fall short of My glory, you will be fully in My image and likeness, fully after the temperature of my heart which is ever so explosive with love but in all serenity and ardor of spirit. Such divine magnity you cannot fathom it now!

“So My aim is, when an injure is caused by a person, if they fail to show love, they have not acted according to My heart for My heart is fully of love and compassion, moved by love in all things, even in My judgments.

“So My people, far too many misunderstand Me and My heart for them due to lack of experience in it. It can be hard at first to figure out what I desire of you, thinking that I expect a lot of whole perfection from you, that I wish you would not fall and be ever more pleasing to Me…

“I know your frame…

“Was I not the One who created you? So why do you think I must expect perfection out of you at every step and corner? Of course that is the goal in Me, to love as I did love you, but in self-consuming awareness of your faults and weaknesses you become delirious and perplexed in scruples from right to left, up from down – you lose sense of awareness and of My heart! That is a cross in itself!

“But I will always look at you with compassion even if it is hard for you to grasp it right now. My people, you expect far too little of Me and My mercy and love! You hear Me day and night, dawn from dusk about My love and mercy but do you really believe and grasp it or are you just passing by words without them sinking deep?

“Lack of confidence too plays a trick.

“And all of this, because you know not My heart for you and My persona has been twisted in your eyes and ears by options, events told, and the enemy behind his lying lips and teeth.

“Don’t you feel My conviction within? Can you distinguish it from condemnation steeped on you non-ceasing?

“My loves, pray much that My heart be truly understood and felt by you, so you no longer misunderstand Me! [yearning]

[short pause]

“I can give you a new heart, renewed mind. Are you willing? Because I am willing! I can make you new, only come closer to Me and like this you will begin to hear the beats of My heart! You will begin to see it burning, shining, even pulsation beautifully and emanating such sweet rays of love for you. At the distance the details are not very clear, are they? For of miles away what can you perceive from the true likeness of something? So with My heart! The close you are and get to it, the better you distinguish it. The further you are, the more difficult it will be for you to grasp the image of it. Once you get to know the brightness and its warmth, you will no longer misunderstand it to another depiction of it, for you have experienced it and know the true likeness of it.

“So, get to know Me! I am waiting for that!! I invite you to be the friend of My heart, gradually I will transform you into more than that. So take a stand and walk with Me all day and nights, whatever you do, cultivate your relationship with Me and be expectant! All who approach My heart get transformed into its likeness! You won’t remain the same. Be open to Me in all areas and restrain nothing back!

“Come, My dear ones, know your best of Friends! You lose nothing by knowing Me." He has such joy and cheer for His ever-so-close friends.

“It is understandable that the oppression in the air too has a toll in approaching My heart, but as you continue, as you keep digging into Me, you will get to the goal desired. For all who seek Me in sincerity of hearts, do so much joyfully find Me! And once found, it changes everything”.

The views of the world and its values; the eyes of seeing the world as... The heart awakens and is cleansed by such pure waters! The spirit within stills itself and is so serene even if the Dirt of the world is witnessed. When you find Him, you are complete. Who can understand this but the one who got close to this Fountain of Life? Get to know Him yourself and the bliss will be over you. His words will be felt by you and your heart and conscience will bear you testimony of His truth.

What a heart He has!

[pondering pause]

He adds briefly, “You need to be convinced, too, and not be shaken when the fires and the storms come. Stand confident and refuse to yield to suggestions and lies telling otherwise. Stand enduring with confidence and ‘this too shall pass’.” [the storm and winds that shake at the foundation].


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