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“Be willing! Keep going!” Jesus' Encouragement & the Enemy’s Lies

I am here, Lord… willing to give a listening ear.

“Thank you. I have been wanting to chat and speak with you for a while now.

“My heart is hurting for the pain incurred on all My brides, but I suffer with all of them, for we are all joined together in One Spirit and Body. I am grateful for keeping up with Me and holding fast to Me, to our relationship and walk. Thank you for not giving up and crumbling under the weight of our enemies.”

It is all due to Your mercy and grace, Lord. Who knows where I would be had it not been for You and Mama watching over me…

“They are all watching over you,” he said, meaning the Cloud of Witnesses.

Thank you, Lord — and all!!

I sensed they were all saying, “Amen! We are here for you to endure until the end.”

“The fight won’t be easy, but it is bearable,” Jesus continues. “There are many challenges ahead yet to face. I am bringing you through them, My child, so do not fear. Try to mention an awareness of My presence and My will. If you cannot perceive it, abandon yourself like a child to the sacrament of the moment, even if the moment is painful. You know I bring good and fruit out of pain and suffering. Would you hold these gems for Me?” By gems He means souls, and the suffering for them.

I am willing at the moment [I said to Him]. If later on I am not willing… I am willing to be made willing…Yes. As you will it. Though many times I fear myself…

“Do not allow it to become a stronghold against you. They are surely on the try to tempt you and get much ground from you through fear. The battle was been on for many years. Be mindful of Me, be focused on Me, on My words, My promises. My mercy which I told you it cannot be surpassed by any misery a soul could have or be brought to the surface.

“Be strong in the face of the enemy, I will make you firm and strong in Me. But it takes effort and trust in Me so do not crumble when they come against you. Who can truly be against you when I am with you always? Have I not won the war? I have.

“There are many darts launched against you at each new territory. They despise the presence I have in My brides and having them around. They fear territory will be taken away from them and so they launch head-on with attempts to cripple the bride and stop her forward movement of My will for her steps.”

Sometimes I wonder, Lord… if this is all enemy or my own undoing.

“Your undoing comes when you yield to their tactics or doubts. When you come in agreement with them. Even if temptation were to assail you, like My Mother said, be willing to put up with every evil that to commit the least sin. That is, do not enter in agreement with them.

“You have bought one that needs to be away with, [He means I bought one lie from the enemy] that you cannot show love, or that you cannot love people. I have told you ample times they lie between their teeth to drop you of My anointing and My peace. By their fruit, you will know them. All you have to do is love on the opportunities I give you each day, even if they are household duties. I know it is on the streets, or on the approaching people to mention Me or bless them that the fight becomes ferocious, but that is only a sign of how important that is to touch the soul, if not they would not try so hard to paralyze you on the spot. It’s not really about you but about Me wanting to bless those poor souls. I want to pour Myself out on them through you! You are My vessel unto honor and My Temple, I need you to relinquish all fear and do it afraid even. I will show you the touches I give to them as a result.

“Try that. Offer a hand. If they accept it, let us move forward. If they refuse, keep them in your heart and pray for their soul.

“Many times I want My people to abandon themselves like a little child at random showing kindness to strangers — They are good examples! [he smiles]. You all can learn from the little ones, for there is the kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of God is fresh in them. They are good examples!

“All in all, do not give in to discouragement. My hope is there in the midst of all the falls and failures. It hurts a lot, but take heart, God does not give up.

“It is the headset before the breakthrough.”

…There are so many reasons to praise you, Lord…

“You can start by telling them of that. Little tokens of My faithfulness in action and how I came through in situations. That will incite them! Think of Me often and draw closer your heart to Mine. For from our hearts love will flow. Respect them as I would. And respect yourself because of Whose you belong. Show kindness to yourself and mercy as you would to others—moderately.

“Do not hate yourself, for you are My Temple, My bride and spouse, and My daughter and child. Hate the evil within and acknowledge the weaknesses I show you, but do not torment yourself with hating your whole being because you fell and sinned. Receive My forgiveness, My healing strength and forgive yourself as I forgive you. Let My love reign. Let it restore you. Stay focused on Me, in blessing, and in breaking.

“Come to know Me and My heart, and you will know how to act.”

Is there anything else you would like to say, Jesus?

“Would you allow Me to be more open around you?

“Do not be afraid to take Me and have Me rest near you while you sleep, exposed [he means the monstrance]. My radiance then penetrates the whole house and even to the neighbors. Try to be open again as you can, without bothering the others, but try to be open with Me as before. You can start it by letting Me rest near you when you sleep, exposed. Even if others were to see Me, let it be so. For I move day and night and draw hearts back to Me and heal wounds.

“Yes, allow yourself to be yourself in Me… Allow yourself that. Keep at peace inside yourself and continually climb with Me.

“Thank you for being with Me all the way through. Thank you for treasuring Me above all else and being willing to learn and be made willing.

“Thank you, My child.”

This was the end of Jesus’ message.

Then, when I looked at my bible app, the Verse of the Day was very fitting and confirming to this message, which was:

Philippians 2:13 GNTD

“Because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able to obey his own purpose.”


Right after, around those days when He instructed me to let Him exposed in the monstrance, that I am to be myself with Him again and not to be afraid to have Him seen in the Monstrance by my family… [this was at the beginning when I came in Portugal]— And true! I allowed Him one day, one night, to be exposed, and gradually fear began to break. Even if my brother or someone else were to see the Monstrance, though my heart might have beaten a lot faster than usual… The Lord is faithful, and He has been changing my heart, and their hearts to something better.

God bless you!

May you be willing to be made willing to do as He asks and guides you.

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