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Allowing Jesus to Breathe & His Glory

I began, “I am here Lord. Waiting for you.”

“I caught it that you have been wondering why I gave you two days strength a Rhema of Me not giving you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control. It is to strengthen your resolve to move onward and not be stuck on the same faults [2:22 pm nudge]. I have indeed said ample times not to look at yourself and what you wish to be because at the moment it keeps you divided. There is a healthy balance in this, and I will teach you how to keep the balance. It is truly since long that you desired this, I will help you. It will take time, but don’t be dismayed at the process, sometimes slow things have a better end than a rush process.”

Amen, Lord. I do keep my eyes on myself too much, and to be honest, it’s a bit tiring to keep doing this and journal of it again and again – it seems like I never get it. Hmm, I’m sorry, irritation and impatience over repetitions knock at the door.

“Well, don’t bother with its noise, just keep going, they will go away. I want to thank you for the little effort you put forth to get out of those states. I am pleased, so please don’t try to expect a full perfect result as you try it. You give your effort; I am here to put forth all the rest. It’s teamwork. Don’t be sad or downcast, be glad for great is your reward in heaven for having endured the test.

“Many are the souls who fall backslidden because they fear they have displeased Me by falling too many times to count. Though I do know the exact number, I brush them off totally out of existence as they are before Me on their knees, face down on the floor, humbly broken of heart, sincerely apologizing. I work in mercy. And this mercy many are yet to understand it, feel it, embrace it. If had there been no mercy for mankind and their weakness, what would be of them? But I love to give it bountifully to them in great measures to each necessarily to their state and situations. I delight to see them aided. When I release mercy upon them, My heart becomes more at peace, now that their burdens and troubles are lifted off them, or aided in the process, the burned is on Me then, and my peace becomes theirs. As they are at peace, My heart is glad and at peace also. One With Them – Emmanuel! That I am.”

[Contemplative sigh]

Mercy and love…

“Go hand-in-hand.” He completes.

“One cannot go without the other, just as one lung cannot function without the other.“

So, when love or mercy is not met, you feel like a lung — like suffocating and unable to breathe? Wow.

Seems like anything that you pour out and it is not properly accepted is like a burn wound to you?


Hmmm. Then, oh Lord, how the state of your soul and body must be…. Thinking of all that happens around the world and the souls who don’t, you know, respond to it… It’s sad. I ever wonder what it would be like with all the Body united once again, undivided with denominations or whatnot. Again, as before. That would be nice to witness.

“It’s going to be amazing when it finally happens,” he exclaimed, “but until all are united, I am making a new thing in the process, back to early times, but better still. The glory of the End-times Church shall be My Mother with them on the battlefield. Before I come, she will go before me to strengthen the Body and the Church. A forerunner before the Day of the Lord and King comes to judges the earth. Many shall know her as My disciples did. The barriers will go down and souls will embrace her as I did, as My disciples did.

“Time is now at hand, and it won’t be long till you witness this all. Your eyes shall be windows and mirror of witnessed glory – My glory in its varied ways and forms. Times ahead are but a storm to pass, but at the end, my bride shall come up to Me with eyes of worship for all I did accomplish during the storm’s event.

“My Mother is with you until the end of time, as I am, as the Father is, as the Holy Spirit is, as My angels are, and all of the Cloud backing you up. My glory is yours [his glory are the people he mentioned I sense].

I sensed the storm was a reference to the times of tribulation.

Thank you, dear Jesus. I would be saying words of thank you’s but you can see this heart right now, I bet it is better than words written. [Chuckles] Thank you, Lord! Great you are O Lord…!


The Rhemas: “The Spirit gives us boldness to be His witness! (Acts 1:8). God has not given us a spirit of fear" (2 Tim. 1:7)

“I want you to understand that when you focus so very much on what you are not, but want to be, when you do that, it defeats you and weakens you so that you cannot minister from the place of peace within yourself. You are divided…. One part is railing against you for your perceived failures, the other part is taken with heartfelt compassion of the soul you are with.” – Jesus

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