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After the Dream, Jesus' Message to His People

After sharing this dream with Mother Elisha, she felt the Lord had something to say most surely, and suggested that I sit, for He had a message to give. So I did.

Jesus began,

“I have called you unto Myself to be a people after My own heart and image.

“What you saw there is the constant state of My Body, My very own Church. How I wish she would be made whole, united, and pure unto Me! I incur the wounds she gives on others, on those her own. I have shed many tears for her as she drifts away from Me, further and further. Understanding human weakness, I aid them with My own body and blood, mercies, and graces, but she needs to stand up and be edified. And who will do that but My priests and leaders that I appointed? But in order for the Body to be whole and healthy, in order to begin its healing process, one must go to the source, to the blood of the Church, to its life-giving veins: My priests and people.

“I want our Family made whole! I want My people to listen and follow Me by word and action, but many are unwilling for the action… partially because of fear and partially because of man-made status. My Church is not a Status! It is a standing peg in a dark valley, the dark valley of the world nowadays.

“I wish to make her pure! Prune her dead branches and make her yield fruit that lasts to the everlasting! I wish she would be like My Mother, after My own image, and for that I must bring a purification upon all—on different levels. Beginning with My people, the priests, and down the line. Many hearts will be made known as I expose them before My face, but those who stand with Me will stand the test and trials I send to cleanse My Body. It is not My will to destroy, it is My will to heal and make whole! But for that to come to pass a change must take place.

“Your place is near Me, near My heart, near My gaze.

“Oh! the danger of these times you are all in…! Where it not for Me and My Mother’s supplications the whole Body would’ve crumbled long ago.

“I see so much division, so much calumny, so much neglect, disdain, fear, man-made laws which chain the souls of My little ones, fearing to come closer for fear of being punished by Me as they heard others [say].

“Fear of religion, fear of error, fear at all corners has crept into My Church so much that it cripples it and quenches My Spirit! Fear of Man and of Law steals much joy from My people, joy I would love them to have as I have over them!

“I want to live with them, breathe under the same roof with them, so aware of My presence in the room!

“Did it not say ‘One Body’?

“You see how all organs in a human body are linked together? Not one is separated from the others, but all form one body linked together as one whole tissue. If you cut one part, the whole system reacts and feels the pain alarms. So it is designed with My Body, the Church. Although different in their cultures of approach and vestures, they all are one body. Just as each organ has a different shape, design, and functionality but is made and linked to the whole so the body can properly function!

“What you saw there was My Body at war against itself [the swirling wounds on Him]. Cell attacking a cell, organs colliding against each other, skin torn open by the unbalancing of the system within. I am the body, and you are all My members, what you all do to each other, I feel it! You are My Body; we are THAT one!

“There are some things I wish My Church would come to know and be edified. My little ones will enter into this plan of edification but must themselves by pruned and purified to be able to stand the heat and fire and not run, forsaking Me and all I plan for them.

“No man should fear another man, for what is man and what power does he hold over your soul and existence? I am the One who created all things and is over all things created — God alone is to be feared, with love, reverence and respect as a Creator, Saviour, Father, and unequal of friends. Unequal of spouses!

“I wish you, little ones, begin with a good start in My footsteps, for this I too will sift and expose hidden things which lurk inside you – I am exposing you so in the long run you will not lose it all down the hill. Humility is always the best start to things, contrition of heart before Me is always the best step in a high calling in Me. Be not afraid to be found falling or with a fault which I expose in you, I do this to better you, not to condemn you! I DO NOT CONDEMN you. I sustain and mend you anew after [a] breaking takes place.

“I want My Body to be made whole and now I wish to begin its mending, its cleaning, separating good sheep from bad sheep, faithful hearts from those unfaithful to Me! Time to strip the Church as Gideon was, exposing the hearts of those with him and showing the few loyal ones to Me – with them much can be done with Me. I do not reject those found in the wrong, because I do so in order to draw them back to Me, to see where they are before Me at the moment and to test their love and heart for Me, for in the fire love is proved, as it resists, and yields to be mended and shaped anew.

“Hold fast to Me! Even if you are exposed to pieces, do not run from Me. I am not a vengeful God hitting the hammer of wrath on My people – I am a just God but moved out of love for His own! Fear not to love Me, fear not to be found so broken, fear not to be found broken to shreds before Me, I hold every piece just as every piece of My torn body was held for you [at the pillar].

“This is not the end; this is the beginning of a Church after My own heart! I love them all, but I have to do this... Pray they all will come back even if with sorrowed faces after so many tears shed. Pray they won’t fear Me anymore and run the opposite way. Pray they won’t yield to the voices of the enemy. Pray much and stand watch at the gate with Me.”

Jesus continues, mentioning the child version of Himself in the dream…

“As the little child you saw Me in the dream so I am to be in the lives of My people. I want to be free among them and breathe the joy in their hearts and air! To be in their midst as truly a part of their family. Far too many times I am left covered and silent due to fear, shame, and discomfort in others. I know hearts have to be shaped to be able to understand the measure of how present I am in their houses.

“See Me, My beloved people, as a member of your family. Engage Me in your days as you would a family member. Do family members neglect another family member in their house as if inexistent? Receive Me and allow Me to shape the heart of your—of our beloved ones—I am now a part of your family! They are now My family as much as you become a part of My Family!

“Do not hide Me under your roof, allow Me to enjoy life with you all. Even if hearts would not receive Me as yet to the measure of believing I am really there, you, My people, My priest adorers, adore Me openly under your roofs. Yes, to the extent and opportunity offered you as not to be a stumbling impediment for a family member but do so without fear when you want to have Me near you all day long. Do not worry about what men think, how it is seen in their eyes, what their opinions — you live as a free child of Mine! You are My heaven on earth in that place you are, in that house, you and I together bringing heaven to thirsting souls! By example love is made known. So, My people, My dear little ones, do not fear to have Me under your roof. If you feel afraid, cast it away in My name and ask for grace and help, and I will aid you. Mother and the angels are always with you to assist in daily challenges.”

The Lord continued,

“Give it a try with Me! [exited] be bold with Me! be courageous like a little toddler, and if opposition is met, refuse to be stumbled! Rise up in My joy and know I experience such a thrill to be with you all under the same roof! [very exited] More than you know! For I have waited for SO long to be received under your roof and eventually come and dwell in hearts, My true dwelling within you, that is why I desire to be with you always. SO, MY DEAR ONES, BE COURAGEOUS, BE CONTAGIOUS WITH JOY!

“Allow Me to live with you! See Me as I am! See Me as a child, as a Husband, as a Father, as a Brother — see Me as family! See Me for who I am with the eyes of your heart. See Me run around the house as a little child! See Me engage in cooking the meals, in washing the dishes! See Me in tending the car! Anything you do — I am right there with you! Do not fear nor be ashamed to engage life with Me, that is why life exists. So, try it in faith. See how I bring you joy and a peaceful atmosphere in the air. Refuse the door of the enemy, focus on Me and ask Me for the courage, help, and aid to make the little step — trust Me!”

I see Him smiling with a toddler’s hand in His right hand, helping the toddler make a little step on the stone edging on a path.

“Try it with Me. By example, My little ones! Do not be dismayed at failed attempts, a true warrior does not stay to the ground after a hit but gets up and tries anew without remorse over the previous fall to distract him from the present moment. Be firm in Me and refuse the sucking negativity which drains you out My people, know My balance and increase your faith and trust in great confidence in Me.

“I Am with that house! I am One with you and I will it to remain with you. Take Me by the hand and grab it firmly. My life is yours! I am all the strength you need. Your weakness is not an impediment to Me, don’t lose hope and don’t be ever afraid, I Am God in control.

“Live with Me [smiling gently]! If you only knew the delight I find in you, My people… [longing] If only you knew how much I wish to be a part of your breath and day...! Take heart! My love is fervent and ever burning for you and all your household. Trust My word and promises to you…..—”

I had to stop and confessed because doubts hit my mind reasoning that some souls do not correspond, thus, I doubted the “all household” words. I asked for His forgiveness.

“I forgive you.” He said, “Just pray and hope in My saving grace for souls. My wisdom is far more than mankind knows. One day people will know why some souls respond to My calling and why some bluntly rebuke it. It is all in the will. It entails more than humans know. In the meantime, My very little ones, ‘where sin abounds, grace abounds even more.’

“Am I not your Living Hope?”

Doubt hit again and I catch ear of another voice, saying,

“Relinquish your family to me.” It was Mother Mary, “I will take them into my Immaculate heart and pray for them fervently for God’s will and plan to come to pass.

“Many children do not understand the way God works with souls, that is why they feel wobbly in faith and shaky to trust because of fear of being disappointed and hope placed in vain. But my dear one, does God not love those souls more than you do? Does He not do and give all He has and owns to bring them back? Won’t He go to the extent over Himself to bring back just one more soul? If God is able to do this and even more, how can you doubt Him as He would fail?

“He does all He can, but He does not violate free will… That is the key many times: the will of mankind. We know this in itself is a mystery as to why things work the way they work with souls, but trust this kind, giving God, sacrificing Himself for His people. Even if you do not understand it now, place your trust in His hands, He is more than happy to see you do it, for far too many slams His hands with distrust.

“Be the little ones after my own heart, imitating our Christ! Be unto Him little trusting children who do not doubt or question a decision made by God or how some events took place. The soul who trusts will eventually come to see His wisdom and plan behind all things happening. You lose nothing by trusting God who keeps His promises. Learn trust! by placing it on the Altar of God Almighty and refusing the enemy with his doubts.”

God the Trinity took over, saying,

“Be unto Us a people of faith! Live by faith! Live beyond time and frame! Live in My realm! Childlike faith! Soon all things will be made clear, until then, rest your troubled minds and heart in Me, you will find rest and peace for your souls and remedy for your pains and ills. Come, dwell with Me and trust Me even without seeing it yet.”

Amen. That was the end of the Lord’s message.

Dear Lord God, thank you for Your tender mercies each new day. According to Your word, please grant us the help and the grace to be bold children at freedom in Your own house. Give us the grace to give it a try and experience Your trusting joy! Help us live with You, and aid us, Blessed Mother, to remain near the Lord and be pleasing to Him, in Jesus’ name. Be our bold courage, Lord! Empower Your people to not fear.

May God and Blessed Mother help us all. Amen


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