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Unknown Grounds—Changes of Location

This is a one-way conversation with Jesus, as I was pondering, one day, about the new grounds.

This year, Lord, by far is the one with the most changes. The previous year had one big changeable blessing that would impact the whole year, but this one has more!

It began in Portugal this year of 2021. Then we were introduced to Heartdwellers Ghana a few months later. Joining the Heartdwellers, You confirm the dream as of being with Mary Elisha and brought me inside the boat. [The dream mentioned in the message “Young People of This Generation Run The Race To Win”]. For two months we helped with this ministry.

It was such a change.

Then, for the next two months, we moved for a trip in Moldova, staying there for the Summer. But soon after, you moved me into another trip — this time on my own: passing through Romania, Turkey — we arrived in America itself! Being there in Taos for three months moving from the Mountain into the House in Taos. By far, many changes have happened.

But then again, you suddenly move me to Medjugorje, having to pass through Albuquerque, Istanbul, Zagreb, arriving in Medjugorje by bus.

All these transitions in one year — a year that did not end yet!

I had been staying in Portugal for thirteen years, maybe. One got used to that place. Our house in Moldova is a homeland—given place. So, one was used to that place too when we went there. All was familiar ground.

Arriving to those airports, and into the land of America, it was new and unknown grounds for sure, having never been there before. But they also became familiar grounds to me now. Having walked there, some places became “normal” to me. At some point, being in the house at Taos, I got used to that house and it became familiar ground to me during those three months. The transition from the first room to the other showed my attachment — an attachment to a place.

But when you moved me to Medjugorje, this place was—new ground, unknown ground, though familiar to our Eastern methods of living. For the first four days that I had been there, the town, the view outside the window, the area slowly became familiar and “normal” a bit.

In all these transitions, Lord, in all of this moving, I felt a sense of detachment over the location I am placed. The unknown eventually became known. And on whatever ground we step — it’s still Earth. Whatever people or language we meet—they are still humans with red blood inside their veins just like me. Whatever culture, whatever race—they are still souls who came from Your Heart, just like me. So, what is there to be afraid of?

Not to mention Your presence companying me everywhere. These grounds are very familiar grounds to You, you know them well—You’ve stepped here before on a daily basis actually. So, it made me feel that no matter where I am moved, this is still ground/Earth with brothers and sisters that were born from the same Heart. Even though we speak different languages, that’s all to it.

Not to mention also, I recalled during those days how this seems a beginning of a fulfillment of a wish I have had for long now: to travel and spread a smile on someone’s face in some culture. Truly, Lord, as You have said “And they just keep coming.” Surely, they do! Thank you.

And, being alone with you, in Medjugorje, literally into the unknown, I sensed how it drew me closer to you, step by step. Having you near me, on a pillow, at night, Your presence ever near me, and so close, so real­—You Really drew me closer to you during this trip in Medjugorje. I adventured myself to snuggle near you as a little child, head-to-head, or to put you on my chest and to embrace you—taking you with me everywhere I go. I didn’t do that before – not so often.

Since that, this relationship has had some soft changes, also, where you do become the first lover of my soul, deeper, my first recourse. Whereas, if I were to be around my superior, I would have put all my focus on going to her about everything. Your presence would have been as in the second background of my mind. But, in Medjugorje, us alone, you became first in everything—almost, [Laugh] unless I fall and slip up. I literally had no one else there but you and Mother Mary—which is beautiful. You, her, and my guardian angels, and the Saints. Physically I might have been alone but spiritually, I was never alone.

So, in all of those changes that we have had until now, with all of the transitions, and the trips, all of the changes of locations, I have learned to be detached. I have learned to enjoy the new ground. Even though it’s scary at first, eventually when you are in that land, it becomes such a blessing. The unknown is always scary but once you step upon it, faithfully obeying the Lord—doing it anyway—you look back and you marvel, thanking the Lord that you have made the step.

So, my dear family, if the Lord is calling you to new ground, new territory, even if it’s not exactly a whole continent, a whole country—even if He’s just calling you to a new territory on your job, in a new city in your country, or if he’s making some changes within your family, or, who knows? If He’s bringing you new land, new ground, unknown ground, and experience ground—go for it! There is a whole new experience waiting for you, a whole new blessing, a whole new “fish”, so fish on, as you become Fishers of Men. That land will be a blessing if only you will obey him and do it anyway, especially when you feel most afraid to do it.

May the Lord bless you with courage. And maybe I will be blessed with more and more obedience towards the Lord, especially when it is difficult to step. Just remember that everything is by His might by His Spirit, by His Grace. When we are the weakest, He can be the strongest, if only we allow him.


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