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Rescued—Through the Amazon Forest

My heart was thinking of the children, girls, and boys, who suffer into sexual traffic and its vices as I was with my head laid on the table before my Jesus. Soon I am reminded of the children I once visited before through my sanctified imagination. Children that I held once as they were in cells, I was with one of them inside the cell, being there for the child, a bit.

Today I went back there:

Just by the thought of it, I was there in the place. I sat on the floor before a little cell with a girl laying down in it. Was she asleep? She had a weary atmosphere to herself and her dress was dirty, soiled by time… I come in worshipping, singing aloud the joy of the Master to them. But better than that, I get up, turn my back to them for some seconds, and turn toward them again but carrying my Jesus in the Monstrance in my arms this time.

I notice the place I was in. It looked like a warehouse. Rectangular window up above near the ceiling to my left side. To my right side was a single door, it was opened. I sensed and perceived we were surrounded by a forest, it was the Amazon Forest. Compared to the last time I visited, today was sunlight coming through the many lined-up rectangular windows, which gave a cheer in the air – light in this sad state as worship played aloud for them. Behind me were cages on top of other cages. The same cages on top of other cages were in front of me. They all had children inside them. The size of these cages was not big, they had bars and seemed like the size of chicken cells. Or smaller. Enough for children to fit in.

As I walk in the middle path, I place the Lord in the Monstrance on top of something high enough for them to see Him, then, sitting down with legs bent under me, I sing.

Some children rise up curious and gaze at the Monstrance, hearing the worship songs. I had the thought that although the lyrics are in English, I had the confidence and trust the Holy Spirit would instantly translate them to the children in their own native language.

As I go on singing, I see a boy who seemed smart and to the age of reason, he began to sing along. Soon, more joined the choir and before long a loud “HALLELUJAH” resounds in this whole place. Outside were two men with armed guns surveying the place, but they did not hear us singing. Inside was a roar of worship and praise by now as the songs came on shuffle. What I heard silently while laying with my head on the table, I sang it out loud in that place with the children.

Thinking if the children know the meaning of the Monstrance and Who is present in there, I notice Jesus appears in his man-form, making himself visible to them in the spirit. All this was happening in the spirit.

Jesus extends his arms towards a cell and a little child around 5-6 years old with two braids and a flowery dark navy blue dress, but dirty by now, a little tanned dark skin - He takes her in his arms and holds her to his chest, caressing and holding her head, granting her a gentle kiss on the head. Right then, sensing more children would want to be in the place of that little one in the arms of Jesus, I notice more children begin to be taken out of their cells and held, but this time by Saints, and I sensed angels were around too. Papa Pio was one of them who gently took a child with such a gentle smiling face. Perceiving St. Therese might be around too during this gathering.

Soon, the girl laying before me is the last. Jesus picks her up, taking her into his arms. She still remains asleep.

Now the songs sang, but the atmosphere was quieter. The children were in total silence. The Lord took them. Understanding they were taken to heaven while their bodies remained. Perhaps one or two children were reminded as if to give testimony.

[Scene changes]

I stand in the forest with Jesus covered on my Canva board with Momma’s picture there also. I sing a strong song as I am surrounded by a group of men with guns pointed at me. I linked the thought that they all might be part of the group of those two men who were guarding the place with the children. After perceiving the children were mostly all dead; a strange person in this Amazon Forest with a white Canva board with something on it covered – ain’t that weird.

As I sing, the lyrics coming out of my mouth touch a young teenager around 19-20 years old. He seemed the youngest in the group. The song was the Lord calling out to someone, and as I sang my words were no longer my words, my mouth no longer my mouth, my body no longer my body, Jesus took over to speak through me to that man through this song. So loud in his heart were these words, he stood silenced, watching, soaking, and in the extreme wonder of “What is this….?”

I begin to open my eyes, still singing, directly eyeing the young man, smiling at him as I knew he got something out of this. I pass by them, going my way as he looks back at me, as if desirous to hear more.

[Scene changes]

Trees surround me as I sit with Jesus on my lap on fallen tree bark. I am still singing. Before then, I hit a small native Village, but not wishing to perturb them nor myself with too much commotion, I went a bit to the side from the village and sat on a bark tree, knowing that if anything they will come if so they wish.

As I sing and adore the Lord, although I did not turn back to look with my own eyes, I see a girl of 7-8 years old hiding behind the tree that was behind me. She was curious about what I am singing. The song playing now was “Daddy sings a Welcome song to her daughter” by Mother Clare. She was cautious, picking on me quietly. She had a lower ponytail with her hairline in the middle. Dark brown eyes and tanned skin. Her dress went to her knees, it was dirty, soiled, and old. Barefoot. Her skin showed she did not take a shower for a long time.

Somehow, I begin to perceive that in the place I saw sitting, now it was another person with a black veil and habit, with a while thing under her veil. One of those white think which nuns use resembling a hat or something. I perceive the presence of St. Faustina. Inviting the child to join in freely to the Adoration time, the girl comes out of hiding and sits down before Jesus in the Monstrance as now a new song began to play by King & Country “PRICELESS”. A perfect theme for the little one. Saint Faustina moved in swaying motions, expressing her fervor and love to God and to this little one as she sang along this Priceless song. More children lined up appear from Jesus’ left side f the Monstrance, a few steps from the tree the girl was hiding. Likewise, their clothes were torn, dirty, skin dirty, and quietly cautious. They walked slowly toward us, curious about the sound of these melodies. I was there, welcoming gently, pointing with my right arm and guiding them to join and sit down near the first girl, sitting before Jesus and being served a little snack.

As the songs came in and out, St. Faustina and I were the “mother hens” with little chicks under our wings. They gathered near, leaning on us. We sang and they quieted in the Lord’s presence. I perceived and came to the knowledge the Lord was doing something with His radiating presence onto the children before us.

After a while, Jesus manifests his presence from the Monstrance again and gently takes the little girl from my lap into his arms, holding her as she fell asleep. I looked in Faustina’s direction a few seconds ago and the children’s faces were clean and sound asleep in her arms also. She held a boy who was at complete rest in her arms.

Jesus, holding the child tenderly, bends down and gives me a forehead kiss and I perceive he is about to go somewhere. This thought was made clear when I notice Faustina also got up, still holding the boy in her arms, and as she walks she waves me a gentle “See you”. And following behind Jesus, they disappear behind.

I remained alone with my Jesus in the Monstrance once again, singing, although in a silent atmosphere without anyone around me now. I praise him gently for all he did with the children until now. Honestly wishing inside to have gone with them too.

Shortly after to my right opens up a view to a beach, noticing ocean waters amidst the trees to my left side. I took my white Canva board with Jesus on it and went amidst the trees, finding my way to the beach. It was broad daylight. I sat facing the ocean shore and held Jesus in the Monstrance on my lap, embracing him as I sang. “You are my obsession” by King Country. I sensed noticing this place was the same as the Nightly Sky episode. But now, it’s was daylight. As I go along worshipping and praising my Jesus with my cheek leaning on the cross above the Monstrance, up in the sky, a few feet above the shoreline, Jesus appears in his Man-form, holding many heart-shaped colorful balloons untied with a ribbon that held them together. And He releases the balloons right before my eyes, and they stood in their place, did not go anywhere, just gently levitating.

“Wow...!” I marvel within myself at this cuteness. Jesus was cheerful, gently happy, and enthusiastic. I was made to understand that the balloons represent a child. There were many balloons. I was still holding my Jesus in the Monstrance, sitting on the sand and gazing at the colorful balloons. Then I snap out of my Sanctified imagination.

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