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"Live in the Fear of the Lord, not fear of man"

One of the fears that often hits people, is the fear of man — their thoughts, their opinions, their judgment, their rebukes, etc. One hit me today about being seen by strangers with my priestly stole on. I had ended the Lord’s Supper and unknown to me, I was still wearing it, moving around to get a contained to soak and wash the pyx. The curtain was down to allow much light to come in when suddenly I perceived a car passing by and a woman with her head visible near our balcony but looking in another direction. In an instant breath, there was this skip in me with a fear of being seen with it by others, but this time I did not run to hide in a rash impulse. Rather I took it out and put it calmly in its place, controlling myself. As I place it inside, I sensed a voice in my thoughts telling me simultaneously, “Aim only at this; to live in the Fear of the Lord, not fear of men — let that be your only Fear. Let the thoughts of people be in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Live in the Healthy Fear of the Lord only. That will be your joy and peace of heart. Try to continually not hide and face the fear, and it shall flee from you. Together we can do it. We will face them together!” sensing it is my guardian angel. I then went to get my daily Rhemas and one of them made me laugh hard. It said:

“Don’t fear, trust God and Mother. She is the Mother of the House and no gates of hell prevail over this mother ;)”

It was signed off by my guardian angel. I instantly laughed. “There’s the confirmation for you, Therese!” I said to myself over the word he told me seconds ago.

So, the only fear I should have (the only fear you should have) is the fear of the Lord, not men, not of suffering, etc.

Then my guardian angel added more after that, saying,

“And the fear of the Lord comes by doing His will, keeping His words at heart. Acting as He says.” Meaning, ‘don't fear man’. “Whatever God says, keep it close to heart and put it into action. Be it being at peace; be it not fearing man’s opinions; be it not worrying about future outcomes; be it accepting yourself as you are. Whatever He says and tells you to do and take to heart, that cultivates the fear of the Lord. For in obeying Him, the love for Him grows, and in Loving God, all the rest [of the] fears dissipate and lose their grip on you. So, love the Lord, and keep your eyes and mind on Him. We can do it! I am here to help you walk through it. Just stay strong and do not yield to discouragement when there should be a fall due to weakness. This is a work in progress, it will take time as we go onward. But as you know with each step there is progress and growth, even if it doesn’t look like it.

“Trust God! He will deliver you from all fear and set you firm in Fearing Him alone.” My guardian angel said.

And I responded, “Thank you! Amen! Thank you, Tallen!”

And he concluded, “He that fears the Lord, has lost the fear of the world.”

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