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Blessed Carlo Acutis—Eucharistic Miracles Across Centuries

Hello, dear ones. May the Lord bless you with His amazing presence.

My Adoration time began with me continuing to put together my prayer folder with Jesus. Questioning myself if what I was doing was actually okay, thinking, “This is Adoration after all, am I not supposed to be gazing at Jesus?” But in the back of my mind, I was constantly reminded about the words which Mother Elisha told me before. She said, “Your whole life is Jesus-centered! You do all together, with Jesus, for Jesus and to Him. There is no separation.” And she would encourage me not to worry, that everything is done with Him. This reminder helped me to move on with hope and confidence and not be insecure.

At one point I reached the document of What Saints Are Over the Ministry of Heartdwellers Ghana, City of God Refuge. And I settled to go and see what each looked like—to come to know their faces at least and to know a little bit about their life. At the end of the list was the name of Blessed Carlos Acutis. I wondered if his name should be here because Web Profile Project we had is not anymore. He was placed over Heartdwellers Ghana Web Profiles to help us, and I was wondering, should we remove his name?

I went to see his life — came to know his quotes, his fervor for the Lord since a very young age. He is a Saint of our generation! So close. I will leave a link to know more about him.

One of the things that interested me in his story said:

He had a Eucharistic amazement so fascinated by the Eucharistic miracles across the centuries that he went on adventures to try to visit them all and to document them so that others could share his astonishment. It didn’t make sense to him that there would be huge crowds for soccer games and rock concerts but no lines before the tabernacle where God is present and lives among us.

I then found the website with all the Eucharistic Miracles across the centuries in many countries. The first one that I clicked was “Argentina, in Buenos Aires”

And it says:

Page 1

In 1992, after the Mass of Friday, May 1, while preparing the Eucharistic reserve, a Eucharistic minister found some pieces of consecrated Host on the corporal. Following what the Church prescribes to do in these situations, the priest had them put in a vessel of water, which was then placed in the tabernacle to wait for them to dissolve. In the following days, several priests went to check it and they realized that nothing had changed. Seven days later, on Friday, May 8, they opened the tabernacle and saw that the Host fragments had become a reddish color that looked like blood. The following Sunday, May 10, during the two evening Masses, several small drops of blood were noticed on the patens with which the priests distributed Communion. On Sunday, July 24, 1994, during the children’s Mass, while the Eucharistic minister took the pix from the tabernacle, he saw a drop of blood running along its side. On August 15, 1996, during the Mass of the Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin, a consecrated Host, which fell to the ground during the distribution of Communion, had to be placed again in a vessel of water so it would dissolve. A few days later, on August 26, a Eucharistic minister opened the tabernacle and saw that Host had transformed into Blood.

Page 2

In August 26 the tabernacle was reopened to get the vessel with the fallen Host, and it was observed that it was not dissolved and showed several reddish stains that became larger each day. The priests of the parish went immediately to the Archbishop of Buenos Aires to recount what had happened. It was decided to wait before proceeding with the investigations and in 1999, after the Archbishop was made aware of the fact that I was performing for free these scientific investigations, he entrusted me to take up the case. On October 6, 1999, I went to Buenos Aires and interviewed the 5 priests’ witnesses of the event who told me that there had been another consecrated Host which had bled in May of 1992. They had put it in distilled water which is the worst way to preserve something and for this, I was very concerned. Everyone knows that when one draws blood it is possible to obtain the leukocyte formula (white blood cells). In blood, there is a variety of white blood cells with specific characteristics. The priests, in the first miracle, had asked one of their lady parishioners who was a chemist to analyze the bleeding Host. She discovered that it was human blood and that it presented the entire leukocyte formula. She was very surprised to observe that the white blood cells were active. The lady doctor could not however do the genetic examination since at that time it was not easy to perform it. I brought a sample from the 2 Hosts which had bled, before the archiepiscopal notary who certified the legality of that action, as requested by the authorities of the Church in Argentina. I would like to point out that before inviting me, the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires had already contacted the Holy See to ask for references about me. These were given by H.E. Most Rev. Gianfranco Girotti, who then was under-secretary at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and direct collaborator of Cardinal Ratzinger. On October 21 I went to the Forensic Analytical genetics laboratory in San Francisco, which was supposed to perform the analysis of the samples that I had brought. On January 28 of 2000, they found some fragments of human DNA in the samples, it was human blood that contained the human genetic code. In March of 2000, I was informed that also the famous legal histopathologist Dr. Robert Lawrence, one of the top experts in tissues, would participate in this analysis. I feared for the participation of Dr. Robert Lawrence because this would have required some substantial costs which I would have had to bear myself, but I was told that they desired his collaboration because in the samples they had found some substances which resembled human tissues. Dr. Lawrence studied the samples and found in them human skin and white blood cells. In December of 2000, Dr. Lawrence told me that he could have obtained other samples of DNA.”

Page 3

In September of 2003, I went again to Professor Robert Lawrence who confirmed that in the light of the new investigations one could conclude that the sample could correspond to the tissue of an inflamed heart. The studies, therefore, had demonstrated that these tissues were of an inflamed heart: this meant that the person to whom they belonged must have suffered a lot. To clarify our doubts, on March 2, 2004, we went to the greatest expert in cardiac pathologies and forensic medicine of the heart, Professor Frederick Zugibe of New York, at Columbia University. The professor however did not know that the sample I had brought to him came from a consecrated Host. ‘The sample which you brought me - Professor Zugibe said to me - is the muscle of the heart, of the myocardium, it is precisely the left ventricle’ and he confirmed that my patient had suffered a lot. Then I asked him: ‘Doctor, why has my patient suffered a lot?’ He answered me: ‘Because your patient has some thrombi, at certain moments he could not breathe, oxygen did not reach him, he labored and suffered much because every aspiration was painful. Probably they gave him a blow at the level of the chest. Moreover, the heart showed dynamic activity (alive) at the moment when you brought me the sample.’ ‘Why?’ I ask him. ‘Because we found some intact white blood cells and white blood cells are transported only by the blood and thus if white blood cells are here it is because at the moment in which you brought me the sample it was pulsating.’ The professor then asked to whom this sample belonged and when we told him that it came from a consecrated Host he exclaimed: ‘I do not believe it.’ He was greatly moved. The same professor had shown to us in a book the case of one of his patients who showed the same lesions, similar to those of the sample that we had brought to him. The myocardium is the muscle that gives life to the whole heart and to our body. Rightly a theologian made me note that the fact that it was really the myocardium, was not casual but it concealed a symbolism. The Lord in this miracle wanted to show us his myocardium, which is the muscle that gives life to the whole heart, just as the Eucharist does with the Church. And why the left ventricle? Because from it comes the purified blood and Jesus is the one Who purifies his Church from her sins. ‘Doctor - Professor Zugibe said to me again, at the moment in which you brought me this sample, this heart was alive!’ His report was sent out on March 26, 2005, 5 years and a half after the start of the studies and the conclusions were: ‘They are tissues of the heart, undergoing degenerative changes of the myocardium and these changes are due to the fact that the cells are inflamed, and it is the left ventricle of the heart.’” On March 17, 2006, I brought the results to Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio.


As I read of the blood and white cells, that it was the flesh of the heart, I was reminded of a short Journal Entry I had written back in Medjugorje, in 2021, which said:

The Wafer on My Table

I wonder at you Lord, looking now at this little round water in my pixie and there you are so small, so frail, so vulnerable. How can it be God that you being so mighty descended on earth and took shape of a simple plain bread? It’s amazing to ponder that . . . God Almighty who cannot be contained in the whole existence and the whole of heavens above . . . Would be found in his entirety and wholeness in a small wafer on my table.

It’s something to wonder because in this way you also show how much in control you are that this wafer doesn’t explode but is kept in front of me and . . . You entrusted yourself to my hands. You entrust yourself to the hands of your people — they can literally do whatever they wish if they wanted to. Such trust you show, Lord! We could easily break and toss you aside, treat this "bread" as with any "food" of ours. . .

Yet, with great care do your lovers tend to you. Those who love you care for you greatly and reverently.

That's the difference between them.

It’s Amazing! You once descended as a baby, taking form of a human baby in body and bone. God took shape.

Satanists transform themselves and take shape of different faces, animals, figures - but that is all but illusion and not in firm—concrete. In movies one sees how some animation figures take shape and transform themselves to some other images, taking other appearances; frogs, dogs, flowers, dishes, beasts. But that is only graphics and "on the screen".

Whereas here you are. The only One capable to take form and being firm or concrete, close to touch. In Heaven you take form of a great white eagle, of a regal lion, of a noble stag, you take shape in the form of a wind, of fire, of lightning, you take form in your mysterious way — Trinity seen truly as One Man. You took form of a human, of a baby, and now . . . You take form of a bread. Transformed by the Holy Spirit, he who carried you in the womb of Mary, now Carries and brings you into my arms. Vulnerable as a baby you were and still remain, now seemingly seen as a "thing".

Oh, Lord!

You took the cells of that plain bread and changed the cells unto your own substance.

And you are broken again, and again—and again. We brake you, God, by our own hands. And you allow yourself that! The Almighty who has no rival — no equal in power or might, who holds the whole universe and the heavens above and the depths of the Deep . . . Is being broken in half daily. Not only did you give yourself into our hands, but you also allow yourself to be broken in half, completely.

Truly . . . What a love that is.

You stooped so down that you became bread.

And that was the end of my journal entry which I had in Medjugorje in 2021. And today, 2022, we find out what the Lord is showing us about His Blessed Sacrament. Such a fascinating blessed sacrament —truly as He says, “This is truly My body, and this is truly My blood transubstantiated by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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