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When Looking at Society

While I was going through the battles of emotions, one was about the society. When one thinks about society he eventually becomes enraged because [of] so much evil at every corner. All the injustice done nowadays; the schemes plotted abundantly against the innocent. The killings, the trafficking with all perversions in our generation . . . it sinks one to hatred, wanting it to end and be no more.

Thus, I got at times.

But I heard, Vengeance belongs to God.” (Romans 12:19). For God is God, and He hates the evil more than I do, but he still wills to show mercy to the world. He says that his love is stronger than his mighty crushing hand. I then remembered how my past was — steeped in sin. He was long-enduring with my case and eventually saved my soul by grace. Well, I guess it’s my impatience to see souls free from the tyranny of the devil, which is now ever-increasing. How hateful and sad to think of the evil in the world. And, to think that we ourselves have a part in this—that evil is still present in our hearts. Truly, “Here is the patience….” tried. (ref: Revelation 14:12)

Then I heard a voice speaking to me, in my spirit, saying:

“As God is patient in all, so are we to endure patiently, it will have an end in sight. Until then, the power of his forgiveness enables Him to not get angry on a daily basis. Gotta apply the scripture, Matthew 18:21-22. For we truly can’t hold a grudge or hate the souls doing that evil, for indeed we “do not fight against flesh and bones [humans] but against the fallen angels in the unseen world, bent on destroying mankind, and the very souls they are using to accomplish this evil. In fact, devils could do nothing, nothing at all if mankind did not cooperate with them (meaning agreeing to whatever the enemy presents them). They can do nothing of their own. Human souls have the power of choice, the choice they decide empowers a side – either the good side or the evil side. The difference is that the good side can “function by itself”, not so much dependent on humans, per se (freely moving as God wishes). The evil side can’t. To accomplish their ends, they need souls to cooperate with them. In a sense, the same is with the Kingdom of Heaven. Although independent of mankind, to function on earth, God freely desires the cooperation of humans to bring forth His plans on the visible earth. He was chosen to include mankind in the work. Satan — he forces mankind into his tricky works for their own demise.

“So yes, only God can do something about this generation. Vengeance is His, and so is Salvation. That is the core of His heart, saving souls from the tyranny of Satan. That is why, although the evil is ever-increasing, He still holds this world and [does] not destroy it yet because of His lost souls. The battle between good and evil is between God and Satan. Humans are in the middle—they are the cause; they are the reason. Humans don't know what they do, truly. The War is all about the salvation of souls. Especially they who are in the grips of Satan.”

Then I sensed another voice speaking to me:

“Staying close to His heart, mankind will overcome, like that, the darkness of this world. Many would think they have no time for that— that it’s slow and avails seemingly to nothing. But if all were to use a smashing hand of destruction, they would destroy one another until nothing remains of them in this Land. That is why, on the other side, when kindness is used instead, its work is done in the depth of a soul — the origin of all things. God begins from the depth, the core issue which is unseen. While mankind would be bent on the outer superficial cause, as if erasing only the results. Not taking care of the core, the evil result would reappear over and over again. With love, one appeases the rage of the depths in that soul, gradually calming it down to the point of change. Thus, the inner change of a soul impacts the outer world. For everything comes forth from the heart – either good or evil. Love smooths the injury, allowing a healing process to begin. While evil keeps it open and infects the wound furthermore. That's the answer for the evil ever-increasing today.”

All along, in these final words, [the previous paragraph] I became aware that it was Mama Mary's voice.

And she continued then….

“That is why prayer time is needed because there you stay very close to His heart and receive the needed love into your heart from His, to overcome the evil of the world. Just as He overcame the evil at the cross.

“It's essential. Very needed to keep close to Him at all times.”

Thank you, Mother!

She responded, “My pleasure, darling.”

Then another voice said, “Truly what mankind needs is being loved and healed. That can't come through a smashing hand to destroy them, can it?” the Lord added.

After a brief pause, I said:

One is frustrated even with his own self, Jesus, because of the evil still remaining in him. It's a battle in many fronts.

And He answered,

“The answer would be still love — in a personal case, My love. Focusing on My love for them. I see them all in their entirety and in detail at the fullest depth of their being. I see all that is at the surface and all that is lurking in the depths, for nothing is hidden from My eye. Thus, knowing that I see all and still stay with them and fervently love them – they can trust in My love, that love that won’t leave them or abandon them. That love of Mine that wills to heal and cleanse the depths and set them free so they can enjoy life with Me.

“Evil is tough, but I am tougher. It did not conquer Me and never will surpass My affection for a soul I birthed.”

I said, So in the end, Love is the answer to all cases.

“Truly a force to recon with!” He said.

Then I pulled out some Rhemas, and the first one said:

Whoever your neighbor is . . . Whatever injury he has done . . . Does not matter, there is nothing that ought to cool down your charity towards him or hinder its effects, since it is not him but Me you are doing it for.

I then said to the Lord, thinking about this Rhema:

So, to resume; we don't fight against human beings, but against evil spirits—the core of the issue. And also, whatever we would be doing to a human, we would be doing that to You, Lord, since they are made in Your image and are birthed from Your own Heart. Because You love them, when you love someone, you get hurt when the loved one gets hurt. In this case, the loved one is a unique facet of Yourself. So literally, whatever we will be doing to our human neighbor, we would be doing that to Your own Being. Wow!

Then the second Rhema said:

Try to remember: Try to literally see everything and everyone as a little child would. This is a Great Mystery, and most do not perceive it, for human intellect often obstructs what is real.

Jesus then began saying, clarifying.

“Children are known for their simplicity and innocence. They don’t point an evil eye and a guilty finger over a person. In the beginning of their years, they hardly conceive evil thoughts or an evil eye. They just simply live, discover life, and love simply and truly.”

Then the third Rhema said:


I understood that He was saying, all are His. So, I said,

All are Yours, Lord!

I continued speaking to the Lord, pondering about these Rhemas and everything that He said,

So, when we focus on God we see things clearly for what they are; the world filled with Your Glory and how dearly loved souls are whatever the case. But if we were to look at the evil and darkness in the world, then our eyes would not see clearly. Just as darkness is dirty, we would see with dirt on our eyes, not seeing the whole thing before us.

‘He IS the answer to everything truly, isn't he?’ I concluded in my thoughts.

Then I heard another voice in my spirit saying, as a final word to conclude all of this, he said,

“In the presence of His light all is revealed as it truly is—on both sides—the dirt and uncleanness [are] washed away in His presence, and THEN you see.”

And I sensed it was my guardian angel, surely felt like him.

So may the Lord bless you with much, much closeness to His heart, to fill you with the love you need to overcome this world (and, even the evil in ourselves). May the Lord bless you, dear ones, until the next time.

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