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When He Warns Us of Something Up Ahead—Worry Not

Still facing doubts of what will happen to the Frankfurt Departure Airport and the many warnings He was giving me about something, a huge cross coming up ahead—I was feeling anxious and, as usual [chuckle],—as we all do when we don’t know what is up ahead. I said to Him, "I don’t want to fear suffering, Jesus…."

He began:

“You might not know what will happen, but if I am warning of something being ahead, it is because I see it happen and I have a way out of it. I am warning of the way ahead to let you know that I see it. And if I see it, I take care of it. All these warnings are to let you know that I am in control and foresaw it happen. I came to you to let you know of them so you will be expectant and not caught instantly off guard when it happens.

“You need not be insecure about your well-being; how it will go, what will happen, how it will happen. I have taken care of you before through all these changes and shown Myself able and cable of taking care of you and to bring you through. So do not allow any trial of faith to sink you deep in despair. Most times it is not as you think it to be. Just relinquish yourself to Me and know I am trustworthy.

"Sometimes when a thing happens as a bump, it is My redirection of course to where I want you to be. Nothing is an accident.

“Rest in Me.

"See to it as the day comes. Each day at a time with the graces of today. Tomorrow when it comes, you will have the tomorrow graces.

“Stay firm and fixed on Me and My will for you. I am here—and no need to try to guess future events—rest on Me. Your life is with Me. Wherever you go, I come along. Your life is inseparable from Me now. Having taken you as My wife, My life is now your life—two hearts as one. Know that as long as you have Me, you are safe and allowed to be at peace of mind and soul through it all.

"A soul who trusts Me has nothing to fear of the outcome of the events. All goes in accordance with My wider plan—just rest in Me—love Me—smile with Me—and tomorrow we will face tomorrow’s worries tomorrow.

"What do you do for today ?” He smirked in a funny way, “live in My peace and presence.

“Heaven watches over you, so be at peace, My child. I gotchu in the palm of My hands, safe and sound near the chambers of My heart. Dwell there! My eyes are on you.” He gave a gentle reassurance of the future that He was seeing it with His eyes—He is God.

Jesus continues,

“If I were to unravel to you the future outcomes, you would fall prey to many traps, wanders, and fears. Quickly losing peace and taking eyes off Me. I give you little insights, little hints, but just be reassured in all this: God is in Control.

"I uphold all of you, I uphold you with My grace in action—you will not fall prey to venting anger and despair. Have recourse to Me at all times!"

Right then a random lyric began to sing in my mind from a song by Kari Jobe, The Blessing:

“May His presence go before me, and besides me, and behind me, all around me, beneath me—He is with me, He is WITH me!! AMEN!!”


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