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"The path I chose for you"

The Lord is giving us here some words about the path He has chosen for us. An encouragement that I hope will bless you.

Jesus began:

“Our journey is yet at its beginning. With every step we make, with every test and shaping faced you are being prepared for the mission ahead. Many times what you went through these past few days and months have been a catalysis of preparations for the near future ahead prepared for you.

“You don’t be troubled, My dear one, over the path I placed you on. It is very beneficial for your soul and walk with Me. Don’t fear the way I work with you, seemingly different that the usual around you. I work with My saints in diverse ways to shape and build them up, but all with the purpose of being made more like My Son, more into My Own image. Truly, what I have given you is uniquely shaped for your soul. I know your frame, and this one suits you perfectly." This was Father God speaking.

“You still have the other resources of My Body," Jesus said, "I have placed you here, but this does not isolate you from the rest of My Body—in fact, this is to unite the Body. Don’t feel excluded or outcast. In fact, you are all Mine no matter what nest and comb you are in—you are all My bees and I know you each by name! I know each of you what are your strengths, and inconveniences, what works for you and what does not. Trust Me! What I have given you is beyond precious and valueless. All are My Body—live like that: as One Body! See with the eyes of the spirit and don’t bother with the enemies assaults on your conscience.

“You are truly My little flower and you will bloom as I desire you to, just keep on trusting My ways and will for you. Despite your many weaknesses, I still chose you for a purpose, and I will fulfill it in My design.

“You will rejoice greatly at everything I put you through, near Me, on this walk. Very trial, every suffering, every breakthrough, every tear, and joy will be a great source of comfort and great inner peace and contemplation unto eternity. I will even add more and more for you to contemplate!!" He said funny, but with excitement.

“So, bloom in Me, with Me, in My radiance for you—I am here, I have given Myself for you so close. You are in My will for you and keep your heart unspotted by division of the church. You are My beloved and with you, I am well pleased for following My footsteps wherever I lead you.

“Cast your mind, heart, gaze, conscience on Me. When you poder Me, My peace reigns in you. When you smile, My Spirit blooms with joy for you— See the fruit?" He means in myself and our relationship. "This is My Spirit! My Beloved Spirit I gave you! You have been marked as Mine, and no gates of hell will win over you."

“Be valiant, My little one," said Daddy God. “Set your purpose on pleasing Me and fulfilling My will and all the rest will fall into place. My grace is abundant on you and your loved ones. My mercy is under your roof," He means Jesus in the Monstrance, "I am yet not done with you all!" He was very excited about His marvelous plans ahead. "Continue to love Me with all you can muster, and I shall increase you—My Seed." He means me and my soul, and also you.

“Hold fast to My Son who loves you beyond description—Hold fast to Him! He is My all, He is now your all. Love Him, for like this you love Me.”

Thank you, Daddy, for coming to speak with me. Thank you for your time and words.

“My eternity is waiting for you,” He smiles, over the word time. “Eternity spent with Me—Our wish come true!"

Is there something else You would like to say? What is on Your heart?

"Pray much for the world! My Mother’s prayers combined with yours change souls and move hearts. Thank you for coming to hold Me in My pain and being there with Me.”

We stood on a cliff, paved with cut-in stones as a platform. We sat there on the ground and we looked at the view. There was a boy to my right, sensing his heart was hurting. A few moments later I nudge to him, by the spirit, to lay his head on me to find rest. As worship songs played, gradually, on the head of the boy appeared a crown of thorns, his hair was now a bit longer and blood flowed on his face from the thorns. It was the adult Jesus resting on my shoulder now! As praise and worship kept on, I notice a mantle appeared on his back, covering me a little bit also, like on a cold night to warm up. But gradually, I desire Jesus to be covered with it wholly. He rested on my shoulder, closed his eyes, and began to feel a bit of peace even though the thorns were still there.

. . . . .

To add, on another day Mother Mary gave us a chapter from her book, The Imitation of Mary, which can add to this message of the path He has chosen for us. I will mention only the words that popped out of the page:

"(…) Mary was not concerned to try to understand God’s plans in dealing with her. So too His will deserves our submission, whether or not we understand why He acts as He does. (…) God would give Mary orders even more difficult to understand than this one [going to Egypt suddenly]; she would never lose her tranquility. And indeed, what is there that would trouble a soul that knows God is its guide? Is there perhaps some surer protection than that which Divine Providence offers?

Lord, you bid me travel by paths I do not know. Your command is enough for me; Your will is my light and the reason I need. Admittingly I do not know where I am going, but I am sure that if I let myself be led by a guide as wise as You are I shall not go astray.

Although I walk in darkness, I walk with assurance, for I am sure You will not desert me.

Of what use would my weak light be on a path where You Yourself are my guide and which You order me to follow in blind obedience? You have spoken; I must act without listening to myself.

We often trust entirely the advice of a man who is regarded as prudent and enlightened. Have we any reason for mistrust when You, eternal wisdom, are the one who directs us? Therefore, however surprising I may find Your plans for me, I shall simply bow down before them in adoration, for Your power surpasses my power to understand it. Your action, even when hidden, is no less to be adored. Your works all bear the stamp of infinite wisdom, even when their secret is not revealed.

I wish, then, to be no less submissive to Your commands, even when I do not understand the reason for them, that I am to the truth You have revealed to me. I do not comprehend that truth, yet I am surer of it then if I understood it by my own powers, for it is You, Lord, Who have spoken."

How To Act in Face of God's Inscrutable Plans

Book 2, Chapter 10

The Imitation of Marry

So no matter what path you are on; when you see the fruit; when you know that He is the guide— You know that He is the good shepherd.


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