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"Speak to Me of all your concerns"

One day, the Lord said to me: [take this word as said to you, as well].

“Speak to Me of your concerns. I love you and I listen very intently to you and all your needs. No need to shy away from a topic for fear that it is not proper. I am God who listens to all your burdens and looks aside not to one of them. So, speak with Me, My child, of what burdens your heart, what passed in those thoughts and I promise you I will answer you as I see it fit. Do not neglect to come to Me when under trial and testing. It is then specifically that you need to remain the closest to Me, for if you depart from Me the enemy snatches a bite from you as if a toy.

“I listen to you. I always do. Trust Me in this. Yes, bring to Me even the matter that shames you. Hold nothing back from Me. 'Be raw', as your little mother says. Be gut-honest and allow Me to watch over you.”

Oh, Lord... one thing I can mention now is the desire I feel at the moment to be really one with You. In my mind, emotions, feelings, you know? Like that it would be strong waters in me, not so easily moved by winds.

“I make you My own every day, My tiny little one. Every night, at every heartbeat I am drawing you deeper and nearer to My heart. I will tether you to Me completely.”

Oh! Pls do!! [Chuckle]

“And I will!! You will be so deeply rooted in Me that past, present, and future will not recognize you, but will see Me in you: My glory in you. I am, and I will be, your glory! You are part of Me and I gladly enjoin Myself to you every day until nothing remains in you but only that which is of Me.

“Have confidence. Have great confidence in Me and in what I am doing in you! Just rest in that, that I love you so very much, that I take you into consideration, and that I mend you for My pleasure and deepest delight.

“Would you allow Me to go even deeper? To deliver you and heal you to the dreads?”

Lord... all I have is Yours...

I just wanna cooperate more with the grace you give to me during trials, during tasks; to be diligent, and use all to the efforts of me and what I can do with You doing it with and through me. I am going to trust Mama Mary, since all I am and have is her property now, that she will help me grow in these areas. [because I have consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary, that is what I meant: with all that I have and I am, and all that I don’t have and am not].

He said, “I would like that! For to whom much has been given, much is required."

He continued:

“You are a servant and a daughter of My Mother, with her by your aid, you will accomplish them. Just be diligent to forgive yourself when you mess up and stop feeding on negativity! I see you try it and well done in following My touches of grace.

“I have taken your heart and given you Minedo not reject yourself. Ask yourself: do I reject you? No. So, if I don't, you are to act like Me"in My Own Image”, remember?”

Yes, Lord. [and here He mentions that we are to behave and think like He does].

“I will heal you dear child of Mine. I will heal you of all your ills. But hold fast onto Me for the things I do allow for your sanctification and growth. See all as a blessing from My hand and find your peace—be at peace in the depth of your heart. I am faithful. I am a strong tower in the midst of the storms.”

Thank you, Lord, for being so……[sigh]. You are good, Lord. You truly are good to me and all that I am and all that I am not. At times it startles me that You give me so much.

“For I do not rely on your own power, My child. I know My Spirit in you. Through Him, I do all things for My glory. Do not fear. Be faithful in the little given to you. As it grows, I increase the graces in need to meet those responsibilities. Yours is the tramp card of yielding to faithfulness and to correspond with My advances of grace that move you and prompt you onward.

“Try your best, and leave the rest to Me. Each day as it comes. Each day as if it were the last on this earth. Be diligent with that and trust Me to accomplish all finality."

That is the end of our little dialogue.

All along I had a feeling it was God the Father who was speaking.

May the Lord bless you and embrace you all. Amen


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