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Sent Home—Back To The Nest

Right after I received Him in the Lord’s Supper, the Lord began to speak to me. Telling me furthermore counsel and advice, all about those warnings and Rhemas He gave me.

“I defeated the enemy for you,” Jesus said.

Right then I heard a random word, "prosecution". I wondered if I would face some kind of persecution.

“I want you to stay here,” Jesus continued, and He means on this side of the world, not the United States yet.

“You heard Me clearly in your heart: I would have you to stay in the house of your family for a time again until I switch shifts and make move for the next step ahead in our walk with you. You need not fear nor worry about the priestly duties, I make arrangements and sets for you to still be near Me no matter where I put you through.”

He then begins telling me how to act toward my family in that house.

“You are to love them like never before. Go there in My Spirit. Let Him move freely in you and around you—do not restrain but come in as a newborn child of Mine. Bring Me with you and allow Me to heal that house. I send you as an agent of My merciful love in action, all you have to do is keep Me before the apple of your eyes and set your heart on Me and I will love them through you so they will enjoy My presence too.

“Wait for Me and do not be anxious.

“I have set before you life and joy, go about bringing the same to those I send you to meet. Be not afraid of man's openings, let them not startle you for you know to Whom you belong.” He smiles. “Be for Me an instrument of love and let the rest fall into My caring hands.

Jesus continued advising,

“Love yourself too. Learning to love begins at home,” He smiles again, “and since you are My home, let those windows wide open to allow much light to bask the room. Let that cloudiness evaporate and be drenched with sunlight in the evening and noon! Allow Me to be that Light! Let those eyes shine again with light! Let it gush forth and illuminate your inner room—your heart. I am there!

"Now, take My hand! Take My hand each new day [strong fervor] and learn to love, learn to forgive, and learn to release to Me. Will you do that for Me?

"Will you truly and wholly release yourself entirely in My care, even if at times I nudge you into a dark corner of despair?”

Here I wondered if these final words even made sense. [Eh me...]

Jesus continued,

“Strive to always remain at peace of heart. Let My peace transcend all understandings, let it pave the way home. You can do it! I strengthen you! You can do it! Live in the moment with Me—find the eyes of faith at each trial and testing sent! Find the heart of gratitude out of everything I do and allow for you!— that is a sure way to Heaven!”

Thank you for Your mercy on me, O Lord! Each day, thank you for supporting and sustaining me always. Amen.

“Let joy enter your soul, joy, and peace of heart.” He continues. “Truly the best medicine in life is a heart of gratitude, honor and respect, smiles and laughter, and joy found in the midst of catastrophes.

“Let My joy be your joy, let My trust in My God and Father be yours, Beloved. Have trust in Our God [He means God the Father]. Have trust in Me too [as Jesus, God the Son]. Have trust in Us and allow yourself the delight of discovering life at each moment of your day. Live it as if it were the last because, like that, everything will be seen as truly as it is: a blessing from Us. So, keep on running the race onward until the end.” He encouraged.

Thank you, Lord! Let it be so according to Your word. Amen! Thank you.

Then I set myself pondering:

I pondered that there is this Vaccine mandate in Ghana, and there is also the mandate in the USA for those who are not American civilians— currently, they [the mandates] are On. With all these suffering reading, all of the Rhemas and all of the inner feelings that I had, and so on—I saw myself still and put, being in a waiting posture. We were not going to Ghana soon—and to be honest, it felt like I’m not going back to the Mountain either…soon.

I said to the Lord, sensing something:

I can only think that the suffering would involve the VISA to the USA, which is—not being able to go there soon; which means a certain separation by distance from them at the Mountain, an ocean apart. I recall when the Sister I was staying with in Germany had her US VISA Confirmed and done, I had a fleeting thought as if mine would get denied, "What if?..." I thought.

Of all the options I think of, being denied the VISA it would hurt, but it also leaves me with a strange quietness and calmness inside, Lord—... I don’t fight this thought!

. . . . .

After I get out of Germany and arrive in Portugal, under the roof of my family, back to my nest—it all proved true.

The fear that I had about being restrained in the Frankfurt Departure Check-In — was just a phantom fear. Everything went okay and I got out of the airport well. The check-in and arrival in Portugal went without bumps, praise God! But when I went to the US Visa Interview in Lisbon, what I sensed proved right: The Authorities in the US Embassy in Lisbon DENIED me the US Visa.

Therefore all those warnings and sensing that the Lord gave me back in Germany while I was preparing myself to leave for Portugal for my interview—came true. I won’t go back to the Mountain as soon as we planned. Indeed, I will stay here in the house of my family once again for who knows how long—just like He told me.

So, I’m back home, in Portugal, under the roof of my family—back to my nest with a whole new adventure ahead.

God bless you.


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