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Raising Children

“What is on Your heart today, Jesus?” I asked.

“The glory that awaits you all soon. Some will experience it sooner than they think, others will have to go through a battle until I take them home. But all in all, whether heaven or earth, you all can share in My glory even now. For those who cannot yet meet Me in their hearts, they meet Me when they think of Me. I always have ways of touching My people and not leaving them off shriveled and wanting. I always provide a way out and meet their needs— Sometimes different than expected.”

And that was—which reminded me of the Lord’s Supper—I got the readings of The Miracle of the Multiplying of Fish and the Five Loaves. So, when He mentions, “different than expected” He referenced Himself as well to the five loaves and the two fish which He multiplied unexpectedly to the people.

Jesus continued,

“It is well to pray for the rising of the righteous spirits in children. Many do a battle with that and need My aid in their lives to educate children according to My design and ways.

“My people, these little gifts are from My heart to your heart. The bond of a parent and child can be so strong, but stronger will it become when In Me—the source of you both—the place where you were first born. I thank you for accepting My children and allowing Me to enjoy them as well as you do while they grow on earth and begin to discover the gifts I have endowed them with, but My beloved ones—for those who do it, blessed are you and they—but for those who do not yet take reign to educate and disciple My little ones as I lead you; it will be dangerous to leave them off to their own will if left alone at this young age.

"Take measures to educate the little ones as I educate you, My dear ones. Take great patience in the process to their bettering, for as I am patient with you all, so you are to follow My example and be very patient and enduring when their flesh is flaring up. You can liken it to yourselves when this happens. How your flesh also flares up before Me at times and I deal with you firmly, but gently.

"They will need you in these times of the end. Teach them to share, respect, aid, and succor a need. Teach them forgiveness. Let them know My name, let them know My love for them by how you, too, love them in My name. Love these little ones and soon they will grow up to be men and women after My heart in a world so dark. Let these little gems be true to Me and heaven. Teach them, My little ones [He means you all—us all], the ways of My gospel in action! Little tokens here and there to get them started. Water them by praying for them and I and My beloved Mother and stepfather, with the angels assign in their life and others aids I bring your way—they will man up in Me!

"Do not be discouraged by the influential ways of the world on them, because by your prayers and fidelity to Me, I will protect them from harm. I do eventually snatch My little lost sheep from the mouth of the lion. Fear not, keep praying for them and wait with Me to see the breakthrough! Never losing hope, for I never lose hope in My Father to call them to Me. I know My own, and another voice they will not follow.

"For those in the world, do your best to prevent them from watching sin. Always counsel them on the better choice and then leave them to Me. Don’t be pushy on them, dear ones, to the point of alienation and aversion. They hear you once, twice, or three times—they hear you, but sometimes the world can be louder to them. In this case, wage war with Me by silently praying for them and hoping for My aiding grace for them to change the course of life they now have. Never lose hope, for I answer each prayer of a loved one to his sons and daughters!

"You will have to be patient with yourselves as well and know that they are also My instruments to shape and hone virtues in you by testing your patience and love for them and Me, in some cases.

"You need not be afraid to fail. I will always pick you up and try anew and tend to the wounds caused. Just be confident in Me, for you are also My children and I hone and educate you too, through them. You are all being taught by Me in the end, no matter how it comes or through whom I move. Just receive and recognize My counsel and voice through others, and the sooner you hear My voice, the better your peace and joy in Me.

"Many of you I raise up as parents, entrusting you with little gems from Heaven, to discipline and educate men and women of a future generation to walk in My ways because you are now walking in My ways. And you cannot imagine the impact a single soul walking in My ways, what it does to those on earth! It transforms lives and futures, it impacts the eternity of many souls, all because they have been instructed by My very own ones to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, and spirit! So, My dear ones, tend to them as My future saints, as My little angels on earth, preserve them in Me, and allow Me to shape them through the events of life.”

Then Mother Mary comes in and says, “Place them in my trusting hands,” and Jesus continues after that, “and she will supervise them for Me. These are her own children also, and she is the best of Mothers one can ever have!” He was speaking of Himself also, smiling happily while looking in her direction.

“Together with My Mother, My Spirit moves on them. Happy the man who has well-trained children in My ways since young! For then, when they grow up, they will be great in Me, under the protection of My Blessed Mother.

“So, tend to Me in them. Let My need be your need, let My ways be your ways, and together we will rise up a generation of saints after My heart and Spirit! Do your best to accompany them as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends— heaven inmates in the same home of My Father.

“Thank you for taking them under your wings and receiving Me with them in your homes.”

And as He was saying that, I could see Jesus entering the door with two children entering the house. And He was pushing them gently on their back to come in while He was smiling at the parents welcoming them. As if, He was giving these children from heaven to this family as He, Himself, was coming along as well! [Chuckle] He was all smiley! He was a happy, motherly, smiling Jesus and His children, literally.

Jesus continued:

“I am here with you all. Blessed are you who come to Me with your children—My little angels on earth, My ambassadors of love eternal walking the lands of the earth—keep them in Me, I am their covering unto eternity.” [That is, from the harms of the earth to their soul’s salvation].

“Teach them of My truths and let them come to know of their Guardian Angels, too, for fellowship and bonding in this life journey. Teach them little heartfelt prayers. Encourage them to sing their songs to Me in their own sweet way to Me! Set them on My foundation and cleanse them with confessions. Start them strong in Me, and it shall be their anchor for life. I am with you in this all, together we can all do it!

“Don’t expect perfection at first sight. All growth takes time and seasons of change.

"Meanwhile, always, always enjoy them as I do. Always try to see the best of every situation and allow a simple little smile to escape you in gratitude to Me for these little gems in growth. For great is they calling in Me, and great is the blessing of My Father upon your house. Do not lose hope. Be fervent in Me and declare My victory over it all!

“Now that My mercy reaches out even at the gate of death!” [He could also mean, the gates of hell].

“My ways are not your ways, and My ways are always higher than yours. So, keep in mind, I always move to gain them back to Me no matter where they went off to.

“Relinquish them to Me, but do your best to father and mother them well—with Me at the core of their hearts and house.”


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