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Love! Medicine and Life's Mission

"Love them greatly. Love them enormously," the Lord began. "I want you to try this out these coming days and be childlike in faith, hope, and love. Leaving fear and insecurities behind and allow Me full access to how I am to express Myself through you to reach them. No matter if it is within the house or around you. Go out of your way and do as I lead you by the Spirit. This is a free gift I am giving you and I wish to see it flourish soon, even now.

“As you walk with Me, make Me the main ‘meat’ of all you do. It makes sense then, only when I am in the midst of the motive behind it. When all is centered in and to Me, there is abundance of peace and joy which is cultivated and harbored.

“Can you try that for Me? Only like this will you experience the jubilee of pouring out love and giving, giving, and giving freely.

“Much was deposited in you that needs to be poured out. Your little acts of love many times heal many, despite your lack of awareness (which is okay), but do know these little acts weigh much peace and joy. Many times being moved by My Spirit!

Thinking how to cope with this, while at the same time more wretchedness I see in myself and sense a block of this love being given or fully received [by me]. I said to the Lord:

Truly Jesus…how do I love when I sense this unexplainable block in me?

“May I say, you do fear it?

“Receiving love should not be fearful, for love heals, softens the soil of the heart and rejoices the spirit within, lighting up heavy shoulders and casting a wing of comfort unto the soul."

[This made me stop and think…]

“That is why I am asking you to love ardently and much these coming weeks and months. Much love will be poured out of you and manifested if only you allow yourself to be loved and evermore love others. You are not sinning when you want to love the soul, loving them in Me. When you attempt to love someone in My way of loving, My grace protects you from any falls that would tempt your human nature. You can most surely trust My grace and protectionI am trustworthy in this.

“Give it a rest and open free the chambers of your heart. Go about spreading this goodness I inspire in you, even at random acts at times, and be open. This in turn will open you out of the blockage you sense and feel that is there. This process is, too, a healing process for you.

“You see, love wins and conquers everything. Make this your medicine, yes?”

[I marveled!]

“This is My main medicine for souls, and I wish many would be healed with this heavenly medicine. It is freely given and is to be freely given to others, just as I do with you and the rest. Imitate Me and learn of Me. See how I act and imitate that, yes? I will always help you.

“Your main mission is to love. That is your mission of life: Love, forgive, and continue to love.

“This love will come in many forms and shapes, but always rooted in its motive. Like I do. Even My judgments are rooted in love. Root everything in love. That is the highest Rule you are to be led by during your whole life. I will shape you and cultivate you further for this to come to realization and fulfilled.

“In times when I expose you and your faults, root yourself in My love. You will come to know Me deeper of how I love the sinner and give Myself to him.

“Wash yourself in My love and be made clean of heart, soul, and spirit. Your healing process will continue. I am your healer and medicine. Focus on Me and imitate My Lovealways rooted in Me, no matter whom you wish to love for Me. That’s a good tip given by My Spirit to My Little Flower," which is St. Therese of Lisieux that I read one day from her chapter, that she roots everything in God.

"I will guide your steps likewise and you will be open wide to give the God-given perfume to reach many souls. Just stay always humble and at My feet, before Me. Always see yourself as you did today, with an awareness that you have nothing of your own, but all is Mine. You are Mine! That is your treasurethat you belong and are owned by Me." He says with very much loving affection, with a sense of safety.

“All your movements, mark them in love.” The Lord remarked.

“I will give you my heart for this,” Mama Mary says, “With me by your side, you will make it through. Be courageous and never give it up. Try always again and again. I will teach you how to.” I had a sense that the last words of teaching me how to, felt they came from the Holy Spirit Himself through her.

“This is the main mission of all who come to earth, the lesson of life is: learn to love. This can only to achieved by My grace and mercy. With God will this truly happen, for of themselves they fall short along the road. With Me, the end is clear and never-ending in this lesson of learning to Love, until you are consumed by Love itself. Then, you are fully in My Image!!” Jesus continued.

Oke Lord, so my mission ahead is to love—… Lord, help me!!

“This will heal you!” He affirms.

“We all need this to be healed,” Mama adds, “for if not, it would prevent many blessings and future events to take place for the good of many. So, your healing will bring healing to many otherseven now, or yet to meet you.”

The Lord continues here, “Many times you will need to abundantly forgive yourself when you fail ample times. During these times, take refuge with Me and share your heavy-ladened heart with Me, okay?”

[Soft sigh] OK, Lord. Thank you for your encouraging and kind words — this guidance.

“It is funny that you would like a bible so fervently,” He chuckles, switching to another topic, “Be at peace, it will come.” He seemed softly pleased for a soul wanting a bible so badlyto study manually His Word.

I have been trying to get a Bible Version for myself for some days — for months!— and it never came to me. And it's funny because I was very intently desiring it to be in my hands already.

Jesus continued,

“Yes, it is a very good practice to read it, but also to fervently apply it. Every time you live My Wordyou are so beautiful! So, My people, become a living poetry! I have written My Word on the walls of your heartlet it move you!” [As the heart moves the body, soul, and will].

Mother Mary says, “The LIVING WORD dwells within you, with Him it is now possible! Live it out, my loved ones, for then you are truly the beloved children of God, as you obey and love His commandment and are moved by His preceptswritten now on your hearts! Allow His finger to write them as you read them; allow them to form you as you live them. God is SO GOOD!!!” Mother Mary felt explosive for love of Him. And they concluded their encouraging words for now.

As an aside, I thought that the Lord would be scolding me for having Him waiting and falling to come to Him and to listen for manymany days, and I heard an encouraging reply instantly, “We all know you are contrite!”

[I wondered chuckling] ….He came and spoke right away about Love!

“Showing the way of how to do it right from the start!” I heard again. I sense it might have been my angel replying to me.

The Lord bless you.


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