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ITALY | My Growth in the Last Two Years (4)

What He has been doing in Sierra Leone, continues here as well, now with more breakthroughs. It took me a long time to understand the Lord and what He was doing. I was so focused on fighting that idea of possible marriage (with Brother or anyone else) that it also made me distance myself from the Lord, not believing His words to me or His confirmations previously about the puzzles He would show me... It caused my heart to harbor rebellion and an unteachable spirit. My messed up mind and soul would mess up Brother, and thus the enemy tried many times to divide us, through my fault. But again, the Lord would turn it around and we would be restored to good terms again on the same day/s. I'm so grateful to the Lord for His great protection! One day I was fed up with myself and all these assaults, etc. I cried.... asking the Lord to come and save me.... and He did! My morning that day was in tears, but the evening was with smiles! In one day He turned me around, as I made a RESET: Forget marriage topics, forget all this, and focus on Jesus! FOCUS. By the grace of the Lord, it has become more and more easy to breathe and smile again! I began to be myself again, at peace within. As He wills to have me marry one day, so it will be, but only God knows to whom and when, as for me, I let this all go, and life has been much more pleasant since then. I see myself more open now to receiving and giving love, this love the Lord deposits in me, by action or word. I see great growth all around. Even Brother! Brother is a great soul, a good leader and Father in the Lord, a great Brother and friend, and a good example of how to love. The Lord has been helping not only me but his soul as well. We see the Lord healing and mending our broken selves. Everywhere He moves, the Lord is there with us!

Italy has many marks of blessings on my soul, truly the Lord tackling the Fear of Man (people). For one, we had many divine meetings! We met a couple, and as we listened to them, we came to know they are in need of guidance and direction about Faith in Christ! And so being there and sitting with them, sharing with them how they too can cultivate their relationship with the Lord. The Lord gave me many opportunities to speak up and spread the Gospel, telling about my own experiences. This encounter made me grow and overcome the Fear of Man. I have had other encounters like this.

You see, Fear of Man (people) and evangelizing, I'm still learning how to do it IN PERSON! Speaking on the microphone for a YouTube message is different, nobody sees me, but being IN PERSON, face to face, is something the Lord and Mama Mary are training me now.

There are many more things to write down that the Lord has done or shown us, how faithful and beautiful He is in leading us.

The Lord and Mother Mary have been speaking much about love in the past messages they gave me over these past 2 years, and now they are SHOWING and training me that into action: exercising it, showing me how when Love is applied things truly change and heal! Oh blessed be the Lord! Souls get healed by love, and this I experience, this I witness! Praise the Lord. I was taught to not be so serious, to learn to laugh about myself and not dive so much into negativity - loosen up!! and as the Lord keeps telling me, "Accept the Kingdom of God like a child." LOOSE UP! and living daily in His reality, not my brain and mistakes or faults. Learning joy, and thankfulness! My mental health and soul have freedom and healing much more now. You can say the deep wounds and insecurities of my life the Lord is healing. The topic of marriage and all that has now faded from my sight, in a good way, in a surrendered way, all given to Mama Mary's hands. My spiritual growth and welfare are greatly blessed for the growth acquired this year - thanks be to God! It is easier now for me to communicate myself, be transparent, open up, and live in the Lord's freedom! Love heals.... it can heal anything with the Lord! Therefore, all that He has been telling me, that we have been sharing with you in messages - they become reality now... I can see how the Lord does it. But one has to be made willing. Because in order to become the way He wants us to be, YOU HAVE TO be made willing to be made low, to be exposed, to be broken, to be humbled...! It is painful, but once you see the healing and the freedom it gives you - YOU REJOICE! God bless you all. Hope all of these sharing about my growth can also encourage you to yield to the Lord and to trust Him, even when you don't see or understand what He is doing!

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