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“I will guide each path of your life”

I’m here, Lord.

“Thank you for coming. Thank you for receiving Me,” the Lord replied.

Then passing through my mind the constant thoughts I was going through and the uncertain situations up ahead, I was reminded that He would want us to bring everything to Him, share all with Him and not hold back anything. So I said, "Oke, Lord, I’ll do it…"

I began:

Lord, it feels I am to let you know of what transpires in my heart now. I dunno why, but I dunno neither if I did wrong or if it’s just a tormenting fear trying me, but I seem to worry about Frankfurt Airport departure. When I arrived it was late night, all cabins were shut, and no matter how I looked around I could not spot a place to go and have my passport checked. I searched, and this country does not put entry stamps in a European passport—which is a relief—but now, as the days' approach, I look at this calendar and wonder if there will be any bumps when they will check me on the Check-In. I dunno if I am even registered in the country that I entered.

“This might be just a fear,” I heard.

Well, eventually You got me to a point a few moments ago that, “whatever happens, happens.” Right? I mean, like I said during the Supper, “If You will for me to exit the country, there will be no bumps. If You will for me to have the US Visa there will be no bumps denying it.” In the end, I’m again in that place of “whatever happens, happens.” I seem to always have some kind of worries and wondrous thoughts when it comes to a change of location, as though based on past experiences, expecting something each time—hmm.

The Lord took over, saying:

“Worry not about tomorrow, My dear one. I hold the course of your life. And what I will, no man can impede it.

“I will bring you through. You have tried before to move on occasions when called for it, but then it was not the proper timing. Now, however, I am about to move you to a new nest. There you will dwell for a time and time again until I bring you out into a new land with Me diligently guiding you.

“You need not be afraid of any authority, for they too are men and women made after My own Image—they are like you. So do not fear any man. What can he do to you? What power does he hold over your existence, your soul, your heart? You are all in the same boat and planet, and I watch and oversee over you all.

“So, take rest in My providential hands. Take rest in My fatherly eyes and heart for you. You will not be overcomed—I overcame for you. You just lay at My feet, resting on My side and I will guide each path of your life.

“Do not be troubled nor concerned with changing winds. Strive always to preserve a peace of heart and mind, with firm eyes on My goodness and wisdom in a plan set in action for you and many more.” I had the feeling it was both Jesus and the Father saying this now.

Mama Mary added, “Concern yourself not about your welfare, I am here.”

“We are here too!” the angels jumped in.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Mama and angels!

Holy Spirit added a short word too, “Amen! I am here to lead you and stay near to you.”

Now with one voice, God the Trinity encouraged as a final, “Thank you for relinquishing all things to Me. Cast your cares on Me and know that I am God!” They smiled, “My angels and saints will accompany you throughout your stay. Relinquish your worries to Me and trust Me, My child.

"Trust, trust, trust! [strong ardor]. I will provide for your needs.”


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