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Health & Future and Its Worries

November 2022...

I’m here, Lord. If You will to say anything...

“I always am willing to say some things. Thank you.”

Thank you, Lord, thank you! For You feed me with Your own blood and body and much more in Your faithfulness and care, so thank you for always being willing to be here and speak to me. Always ready and available.

He began,

“You do well to trust your health in My hands, it will endure in Me, as long as I will it. Don’t worry nor fret of ‘possibilities’, I have you covered as you go onward in My will. What I will, I cover! And even if some others things happen so to be allowed, I still cover you with Myself and am faithful to preserve a life until it is time for them to come to Me. When you do your best in your possibilities of what is required by health laws, you then release yourself to Me in trust. When you are in My hands, you are in good caring hands, that is why your depths find peace even in midst of suffering for you are centered on My will be done, on Me.

“Trying to guess the future will only leave you wondering from reality here with Me I have your future! Allow Me to bring it to pass! I know everything about it and I see everything about it. I know it can be intriguing to find out what will come to pass, I know curiosity has a role to play too, plus some excitement of what I have in store for you – but leave it all to Me. I will grant you puzzles, glimpses and nudges by My Spirit when things come to a turn, but the whole process to its end is with Me. In the meantime, you will get to marvel at My wisdom in My plan for you and how it all was brought about as. All you need to do is live with Me now and, yes, exited about My future for you but do not allow it to overstep the boundaries by exceeding worries or qualms of “what ifs” based on fears or the desire to have it all planned out ahead. I am the Planner (pun smile)!”


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