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"Have faith!"

After receiving the Lord, I sat and thought, if You were to say something now, Lord, what would it be?

“Very pleased,”

“Very pleased with you all for persevering and enduring all for Me. Together we will make it through. Stand strong in faith and relinquish nothing to doubts and fathomed ideas against My will be done in the way I have announced it. If in doubts, stand still and relinquish things to My care, endure the trial until the end, and then you will regains once again a point of view of Me and all I am doing. In moment of struggling, to not go to the left or to to the right, swayed by reasoning and emotions of turmoil and all confusion. Stand still in the moment if it may, and wait on Me. Don’t be rush nor jump over a fence, be calm and sober, for this too shall pass and you will grow more and more into trusting Me and yeilding yourself over to My guidance. If you do not understand what I’m doing, pray, and then, abandon it to Me. Hold on to faith always, for this is your rescue. Faith rescues you from deep waters, from fire, from storms, for burning scourging torments, from peril and all evil. Have faith in Me and ask Me to make it strong and unwavering in Me. I never fail you.

“I never fail you.

“So stand strong in Me, My people, for I am strong in you when in your weakness. The weaker you may be, the stronger I will be in you. Have faith!”


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