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"Gather the fruits with Me"

Three weeks have passed. Among failed attempts of approaching the topic, the Lord confirms it again to be honest with the family, to let them know about His Eucharistic presence in the house, and eventually about my priesthood. One scripture under the heading of Honesty said;

"Do not keep good from those who should have it, when it is in your power t do it."

(Proverbs 3:27)

A hint chance I got, to start letting them know about Him Being literally in the Monstrance, was instead of saying, “I’m going up the attic to get those things down,” —which felt off to mention the Monstrance as a “thing” even if uttered for a slipped second — instead of this way of speaking, the words would be clear, saying, “I’m gonna set down Jesus.” Like this, they will be given a puzzle of preparation of Who is in the Monstrance that I carry often.

The Lord Jesus began to speak after the Lord’s Supper.

“I am pleased with you trying to please Me through. I tend to you as My little sheep in My flock. You are on My heart day and night as I tend to our walk ahead, My darling. Do not worry nor fear anything. I am your God who strengthens you to go and fight the good fight—with Me by your side. Fear not the snares of the enemy, the temptations of the world, the stirrings of the flesh. Oh!—rejoice all times! For at all times My hand is good and merciful toward you! My care never ceases and never faded from view. I AM here. I AM with you. I am pleased with you.”

There are still battles to win, Lord… [with self].

“There will always be. But as I am the Lord of Hosts and King of an army of Angels, I have the victory for you. I won the race for you.

"All I ask of you is to love Me. Love Me, and endure. Love the ones I love. Discover life with Me. Learn of Me for I am humble of heart. Imitate My steps, My words, My actions, and My attitudes. Let My joy be your joy, no longer focus on the distress of the world. No longer be downcast at your faults. My life is in you! Learn to dive into Me and hurdle treasures from the deep.

"Let My life be yours! Let it bloom! Do not fear falling. Falls are a part of the journey. Rise up and keep Me before your eyes always. Gaze at Me with the eyes of your heart and see Me smile unto you. See Me sing over you. See Me touch you and others around you and Oh praise My merciful heart, for it touches and makes wonder all around the world—on each new day I gave you all. ‘One more day in the world,’ one more minute, one more second. Time is in My hands, and I expend it for the sake of saving others who do not yet know Me.

"I would want you to step up and gather the fruits with Me. Let Me extend a hand, of a fatherly helping hand to a needy soul, to a needy neighbor. Let Me touch them simply by the sight of you. Do not conceal yourself from others. They need Me.

"I am taking you out and caring for you and their heart. Do not EVER allow fear to gain foot! I am your deliverer! Life is more than this. Life, is Me. Trust Me and allow Me to breathe the tides through you.

"When you go out, go with Me. Take a walk with Me every time you step out. In two we shall go, for I am always with you.

"Be at peace. Be at peace, My dear child... be at peace.

"Peace I leave to you, My peace I give you... Not as the world gives do I give you. My peace lasts in your heart. It stays and is not swayed by events. That is My peace. A trusting one. [Amen].

"Kindle the fire on hearts. Walk them through the story/stormy waters and bring them to the safe shore [himself]”.

“May times you do not know how to do it, but do not be startled, I lead you.” Holy Spirit concluded.


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